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1. 김지민(아트비)

  • Published: 2018-02-16T14:04:18+00:00
  • Duration: 114
  • By Ko jaehyun

2. Starpann - 김지민 화보영상

3. Akdong Musician - 'Akmu Play' (Album Teaser)

  • Published: 2014-04-21T04:21:01+00:00
  • Duration: 79
  • By dee shin
Akdong Musician - 'Akmu Play' (Album Teaser)

Album teaser video for the new k-pop band Akdong Musician. Each scene is a hint for a track title on the album. Directed & Produced by Dee Shin 연출, 제작 - 신동글 Co-produced by 이수정 (dee) Assistant Director - Song Shot by 홍세중, Ian Gallagher and Dee Gaffer - 박지성 Editing - Ziyong (Fantazylab) and Dee CG - Giant Step Post Supervising - 김지민 Executive Producer - YG Entertainment

4. Heattem

  • Published: 2016-01-05T05:15:39+00:00
  • Duration: 40
  • By Moinchuk

Client - Heattem Agency - Humap Media Production - Beyondvisual Director - 이현준 Assistant Director - 김선용 Music - 유현철 aka Uturn Photographer - 곽기곤 Art Director - 이은빈 Stylist - 황현아 Editing - 김지민

5. 3rd Line Butterfly - Sexy

  • Published: 2012-08-16T16:06:54+00:00
  • Duration: 213
  • By dee shin
3rd Line Butterfly - Sexy

Winner: "The Award of Excellence" at Canada International Film Festival (CIFF) 2013; Official Selections: Berlin Independent Film Festival 2013, JamFest 2013 (LA), Skepto IFF 2013 (Milan). Honorable Mention: The Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival 2013 Director/Editor - Dee Shin (신동글) Assistant Director - Sienna Song (송서윤) DP - Hyunwoo Nam (남현우) Associate Producer - Yoonyung Kong (공윤영) B-cam - Sejung Hong (홍세중) Production Assistants / The Hands - Jimin Kim (김지민), Ian Gallagher, Meanwoo Kang (강민우) Co-produced by Hyundai Card & GDW Music: 3rd Line Butterly -3rd Line Butterfly's new album 'Dreamtalk' has won "Best Album", "Best Modern Rock Album" and "Best Modern Rock Track" at Korean Pop Music Awards 2013.

6. Akdong Musician - 'Akmu Play' (Album Teaser)

  • Published: 2014-05-20T08:10:04+00:00
  • Duration: 79
  • By 109LAB
Akdong Musician - 'Akmu Play' (Album Teaser)

Directed & Produced by Dee Shin 연출, 제작 - 신동글 Co-produced by 이수정 (dee) Assistant Director - Song Shot by 홍세중, Ian Gallagher and Dee Gaffer - 박지성 Editing - Ziyong (Fantazylab) and Dee CG - Giant Step Post Supervising - 김지민 Executive Producer - YG Entertainment

7. 둘이 된 순간 Di·a-meter 2015 _5mins

  • Published: 2016-05-24T06:38:42+00:00
  • Duration: 300
  • By Hyeong-jun Cho
둘이 된 순간 Di·a-meter 2015 _5mins

기획. Project 뭎 [move] 안무. 조형준 공간. 손민선 출연. 강호정, 권영호, 김지민, 이효선, 조형준 영상. 정재훈, 고유희, 강상우 음악. 남상원 전환. 고선아, 곽정은, 양은진, 이주희, 최지현, 현채은 장소. 북서울 시립미술관

8. 둘이된순간 Dia-meter_ 뭎 [Mu:p]

  • Published: 2016-01-06T05:15:00+00:00
  • Duration: 3544
  • By Hyeong-jun Cho
둘이된순간 Dia-meter_ 뭎 [Mu:p]

둘이된순간_ Dia-meter 2014 뭎 [Mu:p] @ 북서울시립미술관 Buk-Seoul Museum of ART, Seoul, Korea 안무. 조형준 공간. 손민선 출연. 이효선, 강호정, 권영호, 김지민, 조형준 음악. 남상원 영상. 강상우 Choreography_ Hyeong-jun Cho Space_ Minsun Son Performer_ Hyosun Lee, Hojung Kang, Youngho Kwon, Jimin Kim, Hyeong-jun Cho Music_ Sangwon Nam Movie_ Sangwoo Kang

9. 해천추범 Keynote

  • Published: 2009-12-08T16:58:44+00:00
  • Duration: 320
  • By Jimin Kim
해천추범 Keynote

한국사의 쟁점 발표자료.

10. [Headquarter] Showreel_ver01(2013)

  • Published: 2015-04-01T11:13:41+00:00
  • Duration: 320
  • By Bonbu
[Headquarter] Showreel_ver01(2013)

2015 한국 도자기 특별전 영상제작,하와이 박물관, 하와이 (진행중) 2014 경마 에티켓 영상 시리즈물 제작, 한국마사회 2014 국립한글박물관 개관기념 상설관 조형물 제작, 국립한글박물관 2014 강원별곡 영상 제작, 국립민속박물관 2013 힘찬질주_말띠특별전 영상제작, 국립민속박물관 2013 빈치스벤치(VINCIS BENCH) 쇼케이스 영상, 에스팀 2013 ‘Faust XXI’ 공연 협업, Wckwejherowskie Central Culture, 베이헤로보, 폴란드 2013 ‘Faust XXI'공연 협업, Mazowieckie Central Culture of Arts, 바르샤바, 폴란드 2013 복 간절한 염원, 경기도자박물관, 경기도 2012 함경아 작가 제작 매니징 2010-2012 이재이, 김지민 작가 영상 편집 2008-2011 정연두 작가 영상 편집 2008-2010 안무가 최유진 영상 편집 2008-2009 서도호 작가 작품 제작 매니징

11. 국립현대무용단 이미아직 홍보영상 50초 (AlreadyNotYet_50sec.)

  • Published: 2014-05-10T14:02:03+00:00
  • Duration: 52
  • By KNCDC
국립현대무용단 이미아직 홍보영상 50초 (AlreadyNotYet_50sec.)

국립현대무용단 신작공연 일시_2014.5.15(목)-5.18(일) 장소_아르코예술극장 대극장 (예매 안무_안애순, 미술_주재환, 음악_이태원, 조명_에릭 워츠(Eric Wurtz), 가곡_박민희, 영상_홍남기, 소품_양혜경, 의상_임선옥 출연_권민찬, 김건중, 김동현, 김민진, 김지민, 김호연, 도황주, 예효승, 윤보애, 이정인, 조형준 최민선, 한상률, 허효선 New Production, choreographed by artistic director Ahn Aesoon Performance Title : Date : May 15-18, 2014 (Premiere) Venue : Arko Arts Theater, Main Hall, Korea Choreography : Ahn Aesoon(Artistic Director) Dancers : 14 Band & Singer : 7

12. Bul-ssang(2014), Dance Collaboration with Live DJ-ing, Installation Art, Fashion Design

  • Published: 2014-09-22T04:53:27+00:00
  • Duration: 30
  • By KNCDC
Bul-ssang(2014), Dance Collaboration with Live DJ-ing, Installation Art, Fashion Design

국립극장 레퍼토리시즌 2014-2015 국립현대무용단 10.10(금)-11(토) 금 8시/토 3시 국립극장 | 해오름 안무 | 안애순 설치미술 최정화 음악 | DJ소울스케이프 무대디자인 | 김종석 의상디자인 | 임선옥 영상디자인 | 염지혜 초연 | LG아트센터 출연 | 예효승 박소정 한상률 김동현 최민선 이정인 김호연 허효선 윤보애 도황주 김건중 권민찬 김지민 김민진 주최 | 국립현대무용단 입장권 | R 50,000원 S 30,000원 A 20,000원 예매 | 국립극장 02-2280-4114~6 인터파크 1544-1555 예스24 1544-6399 옥션티켓 1566-1369 문의 | 국립현대무용단 02-3472-1420 Facebook | Twitter | National Theater ‘National Repertory Season 2014-2015’ Korea National Contemporary Dance Company 2014.10.10 – 11 Fri 8pm, Sat 3pm National Theater of Korea, Main Hall ‘Hae’ Ticket | R 30,000won S 30,000won A 20,000won Reservation | National Theater of Korea(NTOK), Interpark, Yes24, Auction Ticket ‘Bul-ssang’Contemporary Multi-Project ‘Bul-ssang’, standing on the borders of art, and of the past and the present, creating harmony yet remaining aloof # ‘Bul-ssang’ today belongs neither to the East nor the West Buddha figures, the most representative symbolism and religious iconography of the East, are transformed and consumed, floating through different times and places from its place of origin. Through Buddhist images that we cannot identify either of the East or the West, ‘Bul-ssang’ reveals the cultural preference of modern society exposed to different cultures. The stage of ‘Bul-ssang’ constantly changes: many different images appear and disappear in a never-ending flow. The powerful movements of dancers, sound, and images collide with each other, presenting scenes in diverse ways, and tell us about our time in which we experience a continual and inexorable influx and change of culture. # The face of Buddha figure looks like us! The emotion of Bul-ssang which means ‘pity’ in Korean is shared today by penetrating the present and being sensed from body to body. ‘Bul-ssang’ is a phonetic notation of bulsang or a Buddha figure, a religious symbol, while it also emphasizes the fact that the Buddha figures represent our own faces in this world, rather than faces of God. The world-view of the sacred and the profane being one - though tenuous, unstable, and constantly changing, life itself is sacred - entirely embraces the diverse cultural phenomena unfolded on the stage and raises questions to us in modern society. # Bul-ssang party! Live DJing, Installation works transformed by dancers ‘Bul-ssang’ presents the emotion and world-view of the East in a contemporary sense through the fusion of dance, music, and visual art. CHOI Jeong Hwa, a renowned installation artist, creates a great work of art with mundane materials such as plastic and vinyl, and brings to the stage unique aesthetics that blur the boundary of everyday life and art. DJ soulscape entertains the audience with hip-hop, lounge and soul music, triggering excitement by stimulating the dancers each other. What is more, costumes designed by IM Seonok and video works by YEOM Jihye mix and collide as a synergy effect, and create the scene of a spree on the stage, inviting the audience to the party filled with totally different senses.

13. 2013 산돌의 밤 홍보영상 첫번째

  • Published: 2013-08-22T07:07:57+00:00
  • Duration: 47
  • By jungjinLee
2013 산돌의 밤 홍보영상 첫번째

드디어 산돌의 밤 첫번째 홍보 영상입니다!! 아직 여러개 동영상이 더 남아 있으니 기대해주세요 산돌의 밤 페이스북 페이지 입니다 여기에 영상과 사진이 모두 업로드 됩니다 페이지 좋아요 부타드립니다! 제작 총 책임 by 김지민 음향 편집 by 이정진 더빙 by 김규빈

14. 김지민 8월

15. [MBC컨벤션] 김지민 돌잔치 Highlight

  • Published: 2010-06-11T07:13:06+00:00
  • Duration: 160
  • By Motion01
[MBC컨벤션] 김지민 돌잔치 Highlight

MBC Convention 2010.05.01

16. 20131563_김지민(뮤비)

  • Published: 2016-12-15T10:09:53+00:00
  • Duration: 48
  • By 김지민

17. 김지민 아가 Story Essay (3차 최종)

  • Published: 2017-10-07T15:35:57+00:00
  • Duration: 408
  • By sunyulfocus

18. [리얼스팟] 김아영 & 박보영 & 김지민 수영복 촬영 메이킹

[리얼스팟] 김아영 & 박보영 & 김지민 수영복 촬영 메이킹

[리얼스팟] 김아영 & 박보영 & 김지민 수영복 촬영 메이킹

20. [2012날애니공모작] 영리한 마우스 / 김우성, 김지민

  • Published: 2012-08-21T03:13:04+00:00
  • Duration: 120
[2012날애니공모작]  영리한 마우스 / 김우성, 김지민

인디애니페스트2012 날애니공모전 공모작 Indie-AniFest2012 Raw Animation 제목 : 영리한 마우스 만든이 : 김우성,김지민 (부천중,상도중1학년) 코멘트 : 마우스의 필살기