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  • Duration: 1057
  • By Convolv

“This is the only way I know how to tell my story” AWAY is the telling of a personal, but incredibly relevant journey that explores the correlation between distance and purpose. UPDATES! 7/06 - FILMSUPPLY ARTICLE | 2/02 - LICENSE THE FOOTAGE ON FILMSUPPLY | 11/02 - MUSICBED ARTICLE | 6/12 - LICENSE THE SOUNDTRACK ON MUSICBED | 5/30 - VFX BREAKDOWN | Watch here: 3/20 - FULL HD 1080P STREAMING! 3/19 - SOUNTRACK RELEASED ON SPOTIFY | 3/18 - SOUNDTRACK RELEASED ON AMAZON! | 3/17 - SOUNDTRACK RELEASED ON ITUNES! | 3/10 - SUBTITLES | English & Spanish subtitles added! 3/01 - QUADCOPTER BTS BLOG POST by Trent Siggard | 2/28 - A+ BTS ARTICLE | Produced over the entirety of three years this film has taken us to places, both physically and emotionally, that we would have never in our lives imagined going to. Creating this ambitious film with such limited resources and an out-of-pocket budget has been a daunting task, but we are insanely overjoyed that we were able to see it to the end. Thank you for your patience and excitement for this film’s completion, we sincerely hope and pray that this film moves you in some way. Original Soundtrack now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon (links above) Director/Producer/Narration - Zach Zombek Acting/Assistant Producer - Anthony Gomez Aerial Photography - Trent Siggard Special Thanks - Gabriel Barletta, Aaron Mcbrearty, Aaron Cook, Nathan Schneekluth, Mike Priestley, Mark Zombek, Orange Coast College Aviation Department, Keith Schwanemann, Ryan Hayes and Dave Klemens Contact - [email protected]

2. Sheeped Away

Sheeped Away

Sheeped Away tells the tale of a farmer who just wants to be with his beloved sheep. When a giant UFO enters his life to claim his sheep, what will he do to keep them safe from harm? And can he do this without waking his monstrous wife? The whole point of making “Sheeped Away” was to make a tribute of sorts, to the old American cartoons I grew up with. They were not necessarily made for children but neither were they unwatchable for them. I wanted to make something just like that; something for both adults and kids. And adult kids like me. It was a difficult process of 7 long months, but with the help of a lot of awesome talented people, I made it. I can’t thank them enough. DELETED SCENES: FACEBOOK: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/SHEEPEDAWAY WWW.IMAJUNATION.COM WWW.SHEEPEDAWAY.COM A film by: JUNAID CHUNDRIGAR Colorboards: BEN VINKENBURG Voices: DENNIS IMPINK JUNAID CHUNDRIGAR Additional color: HILDE BUITER JESSY JANE SUHARYANTO TAMARA JANKE THIJS VIEGERS TOM MOURIK Special effects & compositing: ALBERT ‘T HOOFT Original score: JORIS HERMY Sound design: ERIK GRIEKSPOOR Special Thanks AIMÉE DE JONGH DAAN CEELIE EGBERT DE RUITER JELLE BRUNT KASPER WERTHER PACO VINK PATRICK SCHOENMAKER PETER WASSINK ROELOF VAN DEN BERGH STEVEN VAN DER VEER WOUTER TULP Dedicated in memory of TIM CEELIE


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  • Duration: 263
  • By Damien Colboc

Here is my graduation film! I hope you enjoy it, please give me any feedback you want!

4. Away Days

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  • Duration: 4171
  • By The Orchard
Away Days

Filmed over the course of three years and spanning shoots in more than 100 cities around the globe, Away Days is the first full-length skateboarding film from Adidas. Anchored by unique team chemistry and creativity inspired by life on the road, Away Days showcases the raw talent, style, and personalities of its global and international teams including legacy pros Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal and Lucas Puig and rising stars Alec Majerus, Miles Silvas, Na-kel Smith and Tyshawn Jones.

5. Swept Away

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  • Duration: 300
  • By Rus Khasanov
Swept Away

Not official video. Music: The xx – Swept Away. Video: Ruslan Khasanov.

6. Passion Pit - Carried Away

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  • Duration: 242
  • By brewer
Passion Pit - Carried Away

Property of Sony Music © 2013 Starring: Michael Angelakos and Sophia Bush. And a very fake cat Commissioner: Saul Levitz Passion Pit Management: Rich Cohen Director Rep: Jamie Kohn Rabineau ( Production Company: Prettybird ( Executive Producer: Candice Ouaknine Head of Production: Tracy Hauser Producer: Braxton Pope Prod Supervisor: Kevin McMhan Assistant Production Supervisor: Drew Adams Director/Editor: Alex and Ben Brewer Post Production 3D Text Animation: Zak Stoltz ( 1st AD: Maytal Zchut Cinematographer: Ben Richardson ( 1st AC: Bob Fredick 2nd AC: Maya Morgan Film loader: Ryan Hogue Gaffer: Randy Newman BB Electric: Ferny Morales Jr. Key Grip: Tom Whitehead BB Grip: Matthew Lim Production Designer: Megan Fenton ( Set Decorator: Liz Garner ( Set Decorator: Tyler Jensen ( Stylist: Leila Baboi Makeup/Hair: Julie Rea Photographer: Brooke Wilen ( PA's: Julie Hook, Kirsten Johnson, Katherin Noland, Adam Drosin, Adham Yousef, Jeff Cobb Party Stuntman: Mike Dempsey ( Featured Extras: Bill Chew (dinner party guy), Leslie Coutterand (dinner party girl) Mike Dempsey (flirting party guy) Big Louie (confident sheep dog #1) Extras (in no order): Danielle Billeaux, Annalee Scott, Erin Randol, Rebecca Watson, Erica McCarthy, Christine Yuan, Adam Hirsch, Sara Holt, Jessica Saucedo, Zak Stoltz, David Ferino, Zach Kornfeld Thank You: David Ferino and the residents of Charlie Chaplin's Mistress's House.

7. Walk Away

  • Published: 2017-02-01T05:02:24+00:00
  • Duration: 249
  • By David Ariew
Walk Away

An astronaut takes a yielding step into the cosmos. Created using Cinema 4D and Octane Render over a 4 month timeline, this music video was part passion project and part client piece, and was inspired by other solo artists and their amazing work. Visuals -- David Ariew Director -- Derrick Borte Artist -- Michael Marquart of A Bad Think CGSociety article: GSG feature: Toolfarm feature: Breakdown / tutorial:

8. Parrot Away

Parrot Away

Graduation film from The Animation Workshop/VIA UC: The ugly parrot Pierre gets lucky when a fashionable pirate is being just a little too fashionably late … Check out our "Made in Viborg" channel: Facebook: Tumblr: Website: “Parrot Away” was made by a team of third year Character Animation and CG Arts students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual students’ blogs at the links below to learn more about the talent behind the film! CREDITS Director – Mads Weidner, Technical Director – Aske Nielsen, Art Director – Gustaf Georg Lindström, Production Manager – Anne Torp, CG Generalist – Fah Anuntasomboon, Rigging – Laura Andersen, Animation Lead – Marion Strunck, Animator – Mie Pedersen, Character Design – Stine Andersen,

9. Away

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  • Duration: 155
  • By Dan Barham

Looking to escape the rain and grey of Vancouver, I took a trip to a place that never disappoints - the wilds of the Yukon. Thanks to Boréale for hosting me - As featured on: - CTV's Kevin Newman Live: - Huffington Post: Soundtrack - "Ash and Dust", A. Taylor. Licensed by The Music Bed. Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Canon 1DX Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Graded in Davinci Resolve 10

10. Ida Walked Away

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  • Duration: 341
  • By takcom™
Ida Walked Away

2010 Video for the Portland band AU, from their new release Versions. Music : AU Video : Takafumi Tsuhiya /TAKCOM Label : Aagoo Records

11. Jo Goes Hunting - Run Away

  • Published: 2015-09-23T09:22:56+00:00
  • Duration: 196
  • By Shai Langen
Jo Goes Hunting - Run Away

Music video for Run Away, the second single by Jo Goes Hunting. Materials used; wallpaper paste and acrylic paint. No use of computer animation. Directed by Shai Langen DOP: Diederick Habermehl Set assistent: Laura van Dooren Model: Danilo Silvano Fernandes

12. Half a World Away

Half a World Away

In 2011, I spent six months backpacking throughout South East Asia with two friends. We visited Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia. The trip saw us take on many challenges and partake in a range of exciting new activities. This video highlights some of the best moments and experiences of our trip. Thanks to my brother Andy for helping process the timelapse photos! Equipment used - Canon EOS 7D, GoProHD, DIY Slider Music: Jónsi - Boy Lilikoi © Images/video footage Matt Ferrington

13. Away Trailer

Away Trailer

Animated feature film by Gints Zilbalodis. Coming in 2019. [email protected]

14. Vitalic - Fade Away (Official Video)

Vitalic - Fade Away (Official Video)

Video made for "Fade Away" EP, taken from Rave Age album EP released on March 2013 (digital only with remixes from Vitalic, C2C & Noob) Directed by Romain Chassaing Production Company : Solab Pictures & Premiere Heure/Excuse my French *** Producers: Nicolas Tiry, Edouard Chassaing, Constance Guillou Cast (in order of appearance) Killer #1 Miglen Mirtchev Killer #2 Jacky Nercessian Killer #3 Pascal Decolland Killer #4 Louise Grinberg Killer #5 William Nadylam Killer #6 Jonathan Genet Killer #7 Paul Hamy Killer #8 Yohan Pisiou Killer #9 Emmanuel de Sablet Killer #10 Kamel Labroudi Steadicam Operator: Loic Andrieu Cinematographer : Fabien Benzaquen Focus Poller : Nourédyne Amroun Gaffer: Clément Melot Key Grip: Bertrand Val Sound: Arnaud Marten 1st Assistant Director: Antoine Ricard 2nd Assistant Director: Adèle Boyé Set Decorator: Clémentine Nithart Set Decorator Assistant: Jean-Baptiste Pascal Costume Designer: Agathe Wesolek Costume Designer Assistant: Salomé Plas Special Make-Up Effects Artist: Mathieu Baptista Make-Up Artist: Laetitia Quillery Stunt Coordinator: Fred Alhinho Stunt Coordinator Assistant: Antoine Piquet Armorer: Marc Lemeslier - Maratier Production Manager: Rémi Veyrié Production Manager Assistants: Florence Coustenoble, Marie Claire Neveu, Grégory Moro Post Producer Executive: Louis Arcelin Post Coordinator: Rachel Hue Post Producer: Aurélie Lobin Film Editor: Emilie Orsini Colorist: Muriel Archambaud Flame Artists: Benjamin Ravalec, Cyril Sozzi Consulting: St George VFX Department Video Sound Production: Schmooze Providers: Camera: Next Shot Light: TSF Grip : TSF Vehicles: SVL Cars: MBS cars English Cab: Costumes: Les mauvais garçons Production Assistant: Lucie Santamans - Solab Production Assistant Perrine Schwartz - Premiere Heure Thanks : Didier Ripert & Next Shot, Laurent Kleindienst & TSF, La Ville du Touquet-Paris-Plage, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage Tourisme Les services techniques du Touquet-Paris-Plage, François Devulder & le Parc Equestre, Philippe Cotrel & le Rotor Club, La région Nord-Pas-de-Calais, la CCI Côte d'Opale et le port de pêche de Boulogne sur mer, Le Lutetia, Philippe Daraux & Mis en Demeure, Martine Lapertot, Jean Marcel Crusiaux, Véronique Bouffard & l'agence Zelig, Mathieu Laviolette & Adequat, Olivier Kahn, Yacouta Laghouag & VMA, Nicolas Derouet & Art Media, Maxime Delaunay, Roger Zippel, Martine Leuillier, Bernard Baudoux, Goerges Laurent, Valérie & Bertrand Tiry, Franck & Le Fireman, Euronor, Surface to Air, SCPP

15. While You Were Away

  • Published: 2016-04-05T09:30:05+00:00
  • Duration: 353
  • By Ben Mallaby
While You Were Away

Written by Sundance nominated screenwriter Gabriel Miller and directed by BAFTA nominated director Ben Mallaby, The award winning While You Were Away is the story of a normal husband and wife having a far from normal argument. Starring legendary UK comedian Richard Herring and the actor's actor Rachel Stubbings, this absurdly harrowing little film will be screening as part of the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2016 Written by Gabriel Miller Directed by Ben Mallaby Produced by Sophie Stacey DOP Aaron Rogers Sound Kieron Johnston Make up by Sophia Weary Editor Charlie France

16. Phoenix - 1901 - A Take Away Show

  • Published: 2009-12-02T16:28:05+00:00
  • Duration: 259
  • By La Blogotheque
Phoenix - 1901 - A Take Away Show

"We had been playing cat and mouse for months. We attended the same shows in Paris, talked a little, mentioning maybe we could do something together... to then see them leave, become huge, and even more intriguing, elusive. It took eight months for this Take Away Show to happen, for them to be free just one afternoon despite their super busy Hollywoodian schedule. And then, what ? Be one hundred percent cliché, but how ? Exaggerate the origins of a band that became famous abroad ? Or maybe go and film them where they earned the success they now have ? And then we thought about this funny video the band posted on July 14th on their blog, where they play "1901" with an awful iChat wallpaper as a background. Eh, why don't we do it again, but for real this time ?" Produced by Chryde for la Blogotheque Filmed by Vincent Moon Sounds by François Clos and Guillaume de la Villeon Edit by Guillaume Guerry Mix by Francois Clos 9 OCTOBER 2009 TROCADERO, EIFFEL TOWER, PARIS

17. The Going Away Party

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  • Duration: 567
  • By Connor Hurley
The Going Away Party

With a broken nose, a grandmother convinced he's autistic and a psychiatrist saying he's depressed, Connor sees only one way out: suicide. "Hurley is a talented young filmmaker with range....With his new film, he establishes himself as a natural screen presence as well, alongside writing, producing, editing and directing. Toss him on your filmmakers to watch list. He’s on mine." -Kentucker Audley, NoBudge/IndieWire Online Premiere: Short of the Week, August 4th 2015 Written, Produced and Directed by Connor Hurley Produced by Sarah Brennan Kolb & Nell Malatesta Director of Photography Peter Steusloff Editing & Titles by Connor Hurley 2nd Unit Thomas Lau ( Original Score by Yosef Munro ( Post Sound Mix TJ Dumser // Headroom Associate Producers Alena Chinault, Sydney Whalen and Chelsea Soby Featuring Alena Chinault ( with Peggy Hurley as Mumzum and Neil Hurley as The Psychiatrist

18. Phoenix - Entertainment - A Take Away Show

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  • Duration: 315
  • By La Blogotheque
Phoenix - Entertainment - A Take Away Show

The band Phoenix performs their song 'Entertainment' for La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows. This is the second series of Take Away Shows we're doing with Phoenix. This one has been filmed at dawn in the empty gardens of Le Chateau de Versailles. It was filmed with a drone, in one continuous shot, flying around the band. All music was recorded live. Directed by Colin Solal Cardo Produced by Chryde for la Blogothèque Sound Director : François Clos Drone cinematography by Athénium Films Pilot / Pan: Pascal Anquetil Tilt: David Roca Sound, mix and mastering by François Clos Henri D'Armancourt Etienne Pozzo JB Aubonnet Production manager : Anousonne Savanchomkeo Thanks to : Thomas, Deck, Christian, Branco, Laurence, Chris, Maureen, Pascal, Sophie, Jeanne, Thomas Jacquet and everybody in Phoenix team The one-take was shot with a GoPro3 Black Edition.

19. Perfume Genius "Slip Away"

Perfume Genius

Director: Andrew Thomas Huang Production Company: STRANGELOVE Executive Producer: Sara Greco Producer: Jeremy Hartman Director of Photography: Logan Triplett Production Designer: Jill Bencsits Costume Designer: Mindy Le Brock Choreographer: Sara Silkin Hair & Makeup: Mandy Perez Assistant Director: Bashir Taylor Gaffer: Robert "Junior" Oliva Key Grip: Christopher Pevey Wardrobe Assistants: Jessica Worrell & Adrian Gilliland Featuring Mike Hadreas and Teresa "Toogie" Barcelo Schoolboys: Jim Donnelly & John Hirsch Color: Electric Theatre Collective

20. Saturn Is Not That Far Away

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  • Duration: 258
  • By Roger Guàrdia
Saturn Is Not That Far Away

900 Million Miles is not that far away 1.448.409.600 Kilometres is not that far away Nil Grau & Bo, Aituar Mukhametalimov, Asha Bahsaloni, Noa Valenzuela, Jan Ferez, Sofía Valdés , Liam Carrasco, Berén Martínez, Dela Rins, Samba Balde. Director: Roger Guàrdia Produced by: CANADA Commissioned by: Stella McCartney MD/EP: Oscar Romagosa Executive Producer: Marta Bobic Head of production: Alba Barneda Producer: Davey Ahern / Marga Sardà Production manager: Xavi Vara Production Coordinator: Àgata Bert 1st Assistant director: Dani Velázquez Cinematographer: Daniel Fernández Abelló Gaffer: Pau Ramírez Still Photographer: Dani Pujalte Production Designer: Anna Colomer Stylist: Violeta Comella Make-up: Javier Ceferino Casting: Lane Casting Acting Coach: Gerard Oms 2n Unit Director: Bàrbara Farré 2n Unit Cinematographer: Lucas Casanovas Editor: Carlos Font Clos Music By: Isabel Fernández Reviriego aka Aries Credits Designer: Judit Musachs Postproduction: Álvaro Posadas Colorist: Marc Morató (Metropolitana) Sound Design: Idea Sonora Special Thanks: Marta Cruañas Full credits end of the video. 2018