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1. Bathysphere


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2. Bad Ass

Bad Ass

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3. A World Apart

A World Apart

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5. Blues Chunk

Blues Chunk

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6. Doom


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7. VoxMachina


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8. TidesOfNeptune


Copied over from MalkavianTeaTime.

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9. TheAbomination


A wider mix of riffs, a little outside the regular stuff. All programmed drums

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10. Doom3


Programmed drums.

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11. The Lone Descent

The Lone Descent

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12. Vox Machina

Vox Machina

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13. Bathysphere - Enough To Win

Bathysphere - Enough To Win

This is a track I mixed for Bathysphere, my former band with my ol' friend Trevor Bajus @trevor-d-k-bajus (and at the time we recorded this, a fine gent named Sean Lattrel). Trevor wrote the song, played guitar and sang the vocals in a sort of round with Sean, who also contributed a lovely, tasty solo on Trevor's Bass VI (which comes in about 1:46). I was always aggrieved that this great song never got finished, so I bugged Trevor to work on it. Some guitars, crazy smashed drums and vocoder parts were recorded in a semi-drunken haze, and I finally cut parts from them to put together this dub mix. As Trevor said: "EVERY mix should be the dub mix." Check out Bathysphere's ongoing stuff at

nothing at of , which is

14. Dead Boy Robotics - Arrival (single Mix)

Dead Boy Robotics - Arrival (single Mix)

There is an exquisite darkness in Edinburgh that is slowly rising to the surface to take over the light, seeping on to the spectrum by way of Dead Boy Robotics’ intense synth-rock sound. Their sophomore album New Cells wrestles with themes of paranoia, armageddon, exploration and the self. No stone in the soul is left unturned. Following their self titled debut album in 2011, the band returned to their sanctuary to regenerate, leaving behind the laptops and broken synths that defined their first release and taking on guitar, bass and drums. They still retain that glorious mix of retro and the modern, pushing instruments to their limits in a haze of reverb and powerful riffs as vocals soar over the music like a demonic choir. This is dark pop at its best, demonstrated to full effect on tracks such as ‘Rise’, dance-floor friendly ‘Echo’, 80s inspired ‘Bathysphere’ and the slow and creeping build of album title-track ‘New Cells’. Recorded at Tape, Edinburgh, and mastered in New York, New Cells is the mark of a band that have found their way on the dark path of electro rock, with pulsing beats reminiscent of HEALTH and Mew, but with dark undertones that bear comparison to The Horrors at their loudest. New Cells is released digitally via Brothers Grimm on 20th November 2015. A limited edition colour vinyl will be available in 2016. For more info, please visit:

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15. The Grey NATO - Ep 63 - Are Smartwatches Dumb?

The Grey NATO - Ep 63 - Are Smartwatches Dumb?

Episode 63! Like always, Jason and James are back from traveling with reports from diving the great lakes and touring the west coast (SF and LA). From film cameras, to shipwrecks, to the Black Bay GMT and Jason’s refurbished T-Graph, there's lots to cover. For the main event, the guys are prompted by a listener question to chat about fitness trackers, smartwatches, and everything in between. Stay in the mix for final notes with space-age Field Notes, Reid Straps, ships full of gold, and a wild look at Zagato. Jason Diving in the Great Lakes Becky Kagen Schott SS Daniel J. Morrell Shipwreck Explorers Robert McGreevy Tudor Black Bay GMT Away Carry On Fjallraven Totepack No.1 Canon AE-1 Program Aquadive Bathysphere 100 GMT Doxa T-Graph back from repair Fitbit Garmin Descent Garmin Fenix Mi Band 2 Strava Aerospace The Chronos Field Notes Three Missions Pack The Reid Strap from the Hodinkee Shop “Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea” (by Gary Kinder) “An Inside Look At Zagato, One of the World’s Wildest Coachbuilders” (By Ken Saito)

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