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1. [A3CN] Arma 3 - Disturbed Hell

  • Published: 2013-04-22T23:14:26+00:00
  • Duration: 255
  • By CPC_Game
[A3CN] Arma 3 - Disturbed Hell

Jogo: Arma 3 Artista: Disturbed Música: Hell Visite nosso site:

2. King of Drift Slovakia 2013 Round 3

  • Published: 2013-07-30T06:58:14+00:00
  • Duration: 254
  • By CyberLogicProd
King of Drift Slovakia 2013 Round 3

1. HELL TransportProjekt King of Drift Slovakia 2013 Round 3 on Cassosport Košice. Powered by Results: 1. - Roman KOLESÁR 2. - Ivan VLČEK 3. - Tomáš JEŽEK 4. - Noro KOVÁČIK ///TRACK\\\ Disturbed - Stupify (Fu's Forbidden Little Nicky Remix)

3. Fairy Tail Amv by BosszAmak

  • Published: 2012-08-06T08:48:57+00:00
  • Duration: 255
  • By BosszAmak
Fairy Tail Amv by BosszAmak

Music Video Fairy Tail Song : Disturbed - Hell

4. Heaven is Now (2016) - Official Trailer

  • Published: 2013-03-29T17:56:42+00:00
  • Duration: 141
  • By Audrey Lorea
Heaven is Now (2016) - Official Trailer

In this colorful psychological thriller, a disturbed genius named Mira (Jessica Cadden Osborne) becomes entangled in a devastating love affair with the pink-haired perverse girl-next-door Penny (Tali Custer). The more she falls down the rabbit hole of crime, sex, violence and drugs, the more the lines between reality and dreams begin to blur. Mira’s mind falls victim to the whims of her demons, Claudia (Audrey Lorea) and Synra (Frances Brennand Roper). Devastated by Mira's choices, Penny dives more deeply into Mira's psyche, causing both of them to live out the extremes of both Heaven and Hell. WRITTEN + DIRECTED BY AUDREY LOREA EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Clarke Mayer, Edward Leung STARRING: Jessica Cadden Osborne, Tali Custer ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Frances Brennand Roper, Audrey Lorea, Jack Gattanella, Daniel Mathews, Risa Pappas @heavenisnowfilm

5. BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL - Teaser Trailer HD

  • Published: 2012-03-13T22:47:13+00:00
  • Duration: 33
  • By Chris Baugh

A darkly comic short horror film about how small town life can sometimes be Hell. A trio of cash-strapped workmen, led by a conflicted father and son team undertake a job in a forbidding, isolated landscape. Disturbed by mysterious recent events along this lonely stretch of road they are determined not to outstay their welcome... As darkness closes in, a chain of events finds the trio stranded; all too aware that they are not alone. When they come under attack from a vicious and seemingly unstoppable enemy they are forced to use all their wits and resources to survive in a place where the landscape truly lives up to legend. You can find us at and TRAILER CREDITS Edit - Brian Philip Davis Graphics - Laura Coulter Music by Adam McCausland @ Warp&Woof /

6. THE WASTELAND - A Poem by T. S. Eliot

THE WASTELAND - A Poem by T. S. Eliot Here's the second film out of three that we did for the launch of the Poetry Movement. This second film is based on the poem by T. S. Eliot « The Wasteland ». The film was directed by Icecream a.k.a Nico Dufoure and is set in a post-apocalytic virus stricken world. The Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation was set up by Lord Saatchi to further the advancement of arts, culture and education, with a focus on poetry, literature and dramatic performance. Through the Poetry Movement, The Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation wants to stand as the next logical step in terms of the way we consume verse. It will grow and develop into a creative space that encapsulates the beauty of imagination and inventiveness. CREDITS : Client. Josephine Hart Foundation Director of the Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation. Eleanor Carter Creative Director of the Poetry Film Project. John-Paul Pryor Production Company. Director. Icecream Producer. James Hagger Production Assistant. Felipe Bernard Additional Animation. Simon Simon Sound Design & Music. Cypheraudio Sound Design, Production & Mix. John Black Voice Over. Robert Montgomery Unreal City, Under the brown fog of a winter dawn, A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many, I had not thought death had undone so many. Sighs, short and infrequent, were exhaled, And each man fixed his eyes before his feet. Flowed up the hill and down King William Street, To where Saint Mary Woolnoth kept the hours With a dead sound on the final stroke of nine. There I saw one I knew, and stopped him, crying: “Stetson! “You who were with me in the ships at Mylae! “That corpse you planted last year in your garden, “Has it begun to sprout? Will it bloom this year? “Or has the sudden frost disturbed its bed? “Oh keep the Dog far hence, that’s friend to men, “Or with his nails he’ll dig it up again! “You! hypocrite lecteur!—mon semblable,—mon frère!” Watch the 1st film in the series (High Windows by Philip Larkin) Watch the 3rd film in the series (DEATH AND CO - A Poem by Sylvia Plath)

7. Human Centipede 2

Human Centipede 2

DVD Extra: Movie Poster Photo Shoot Edited by Wheelhouse Creative RT: 2.30 min Disturbed loner Martin is so obsessed with the shocking horror film The Human Centipede that his dream is to replicate the grisly experiment. The stakes are raised as 12 unlucky souls endure surgical hell.

8. Disturbed

  • Published: 2012-01-22T23:31:46+00:00
  • Duration: 480
  • By John Arehart

Various footage taken at several abandoned mental institutions in NJ as well as other locations - edited together - as if it were for one hell of a creepy movie about someone very disturbed. Footage from: Greystone Psychiatric, North Princeton Developmental Center, Montclair Community Hospital, Essex County Hospital Center, Universal Studios (California), Ringwood State Park and Glen Rock, NJ.

9. Boys From County Hell Teaser Trailer

Boys From County Hell Teaser Trailer

Here's a new teaser I provided music for. We'll also be working on the main film creating score and sound design. Info below: A darkly comic short horror film about how small town life can sometimes be Hell. A trio of cash-strapped workmen, led by a conflicted father and son team undertake a job in a forbidding, isolated landscape. Disturbed by mysterious recent events along this lonely stretch of road they are determined not to outstay their welcome... As darkness closes in, a chain of events finds the trio stranded; all too aware that they are not alone. When they come under attack from a vicious and seemingly unstoppable enemy they are forced to use all their wits and resources to survive in a place where the landscape truly lives up to legend. You can find us at and Edit - Brian Philip Davis Graphics - Laura Coulter Music by Adam R. McCausland @ Warp&Woof

10. Abuse trailer 2

  • Published: 2010-11-14T13:08:12+00:00
  • Duration: 124
  • By dheeraj gautam
Abuse trailer 2

Abuse ,a short film by Dheeraj Gautam.This film reflects the state of mind of a drug abused man whose life has become hell.he goes through this mental sickness and torture as he go about with his daily life by torturing himself every single day.being isolated from rest of the world he lives in the dark and barely goes out.he is sick ,he is disturbed and extremely dangerous.what an addiction of drug can do to you as it turns a normal man into the monster.Abuse is a journey into the mind of a man who onces walked this earth now he no longer lives human.

11. Merchandiser - Sonorized

Merchandiser - Sonorized

Ok! Day 2 for my short movie. Working in a dual core 2.66 mhz Mac g4 it´s a joke. Seriously it´s a deam joke. How is it possible to edit blazing fast like the DV days without proper hardware accel? My video card it´s as slow as hell. all right. I apologize if this sounds disturbed...I just wanted to get my point across: good machinery gives you turbo boost on editing and VFX. So you´ll notice cuts here and there, bad audio and all those nice glitches provided by my glorious Mac. Long live PC and raid disks..... >:)

12. GTA 4 PC Video Editor - Violence & Crime

  • Published: 2009-01-10T23:26:18+00:00
  • Duration: 296
  • By Dom Hof
GTA 4 PC Video Editor - Violence & Crime

Get down with the sickness and experience one hell of a violence- and killfest like you've probably seen a million times before. You enjoy such weird and heavy shit. So grab a seat and plant yourself. Prepare for big guns, no titts, but big explosions. See some brutal beatings, truly epic car-action, an even moreso epic gunfight and some cruisin' with Brucie made of epic WIN. This vid was created during the course of my first semester at the University of Applied Sciences St.Pölten and was used as a semester-project. This is my first video I made using the GTA 4 Video Editor. I might as well upload more stuff in the future :) Credits: anonymity ftw !!!111 Programs used: Grand Theft Auto IV GTA 4 Video Editor Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 VirtualDub Songs used: Michael Hunter - "Soviet Connection (The Theme from Grand Theft Auto IV)" Disturbed - "Down With the Sickness" Special Thanks: Rockstar Games for creating an immensly ass-kicking, truly epic game and delivering one massive failure of a PC-Port

13. You'll Never Be Alone aka Nunca vas a estar solo

  • Published: 2017-07-18T03:41:42+00:00
  • Duration: 4875
  • By Bounty Films
You'll Never Be Alone aka Nunca vas a estar solo

After his teenage gay son suffers a violent attack, Juan, a withdrawn manager at a mannequin factory struggles between paying his son's exorbitant medical bills and his last attempt at becoming partners with his boss. As he runs into dead-ends and unexpected betrayals, he'll discover the world he knew was already waiting to be violent with him too. Juan has made too many mistakes, but his son can still be save. "“Extremely Hot and Heartbreakingly Heavy” - Indie Wire ""...will leave viewers deeply disturbed that such outlandish displays of bigotry and violence still occur in our contemporary world."" - The Upcoming" Official Selection Saint Jean-De-Luz International Film Festival (2016) Seattle International Film Festival (2016) Lesgicinemad Festival (2016) Berlinale (2016) Guadalajara International Film Festival (2016) Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival (2016) Berlin International Film Fest (2016) Melbourne Queer Film Festival (2017) Festival Wins and Awards Best Director - Lesgicinemad Festival (2016) Best Director Prize - Saint Jean-De-Luz International Film Festival (2016) Grand Jury Prize for Ibero-American Cinema - Seattle Int. Film Festival (2016) Teddy Award, Special Jury Award - Berlin International Film Fest (2016) Best Film - Guadalajara International Film Festival (2016) Best Narrative Film Award - Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival (2016) Standard Definition Ratio: 2.35 : 1 Cast: Sergio Hernández, Andrew Bargsted, Jaime Leiva Director: Alex Anwandter Rating: R 18+ High Impact Sex Scenes Duration: 81 Language: Spanish Subtitles: English

14. INSEMINOID (Norman G. Warren, 1981) (NSFW)

INSEMINOID (Norman G. Warren, 1981) (NSFW)

INSEMINOID aka HORROR PLANET Dir. Norman Warren, 1981 United Kingdom/Hong Kong. 91 min. In English. FRIDAY, JUNE 17 – MIDNIGHT "A silent, lifeless world. Until they broke open the underground chamber and discovered in the most vile way imaginable that the planet was not truly dead. That a sleeping life form had been waiting for millennia, needing only a chance to breed before escaping to spread like a foul, devouring disease into the lifeblood of the universe. And to breed it needs the bodies of those who had disturbed it." Many minutes watching Norman J. Warren and Run Run Shaw's space hell gorefest INSEMINOID are spent on the film's outside, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the breathtaking scope and variety of its (inevitably low-budget) production design and perspicacious use of (all-analog!) lens flare. A crack squad of space archaeologists touch down on a hellish planet of red rock; a member of their crew named Sandy (Judy Geeson) is raped and impregnated by an alien, which overtakes her personality and results in a slasher-style killing spree among the remaining crew. With its agonizingly redundant screenplay and extensive ensemble cast, INSEMINOID is like a sooty cardboard cutout of ALIEN (perhaps by way of ROSEMARY'S BABY): bland, hoary and post-dystopian in its misogyny, Warren's film is perhaps a misbegotten filmic premonition of the “Sex Colony” coda of Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR...

15. Hosokawa no AMV Naraku 2

  • Published: 2012-06-13T23:42:29+00:00
  • Duration: 565
  • By Hosokawa 37
Hosokawa no AMV Naraku 2

My 100 sub video on Youtube x3 Skits from my second year working on AMV skits with AMV Nightmare and AMV Hell, as well as other Youtube vids, and some added unseen footage (so a lot should look familiar, and don't judge b/c of bad quality of some skits) ^^ Opening Skit Anime: Hen Zemi Audio: A Welcome Burden - Disturbed Anime: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Audio: Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO Anime: Nichijou Audio: Take On Me – A-ha Anime: Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei Audio: “I’m Watching You Pee” Anime: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Audio: LittleKuriboh’s Yu-gi-oh Abridged Series Anime: Nichijou Audio: Push It to the Limit – Paul Engemann Anime: Ore no Imouto ga Konnai Kawaii Wake ga Nai Audio: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Anime: Dragonball Z, Pani Poni Dash, Lucky Star Audio: Y’all Want a Single - KoRn Anime: Bleach Audio: That 70’s Show Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion Audio: Chop Suey – System of a Down Anime: Lucky Star Audio: Sideways – Dierks Bentley Anime: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Audio: Motown Never Sounded So Good – Less than Jake Anime: Hidamari Sketch Audio: Dougal Anime: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Audio: Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions – Lonely Island Anime: Ore no Imouto ga Konnai Kawaii Wake ga Nai Audio: Super Smash Brothers Anime: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Audio: I’ll Be There for You – The Rembrandts Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Audio: Tourette’s Guy Anime: Naruto Audio: I’m an Asshole – Dennis Leary Anime: Ladies vs Butlers, Macademi Wasshoi!, Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara nee!! Audio: I’m Too Sexy for my Shirt – Right Said Fred Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Audio: Vampires Suck Anime: Trigun Audio: Criminal - Disturbed Anime: Ore no Imouto ga Konnai Kawaii Wake ga Nai Audio: LittleKuriboh’s Naruto Spoof Abridged Parady Anime: Working!! Audio: Family Guy Anime: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Audio: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow - Annie Anime: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Audio: Paralyzer – Finger Eleven Anime: Koe de Oshigoto Audio: That 70’s Show Anime: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Audio: Arials – System of a Down Anime: Midori Days Audio: Whose Line Is It Anyway? Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya Audio: Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels Anime: Nichijou Audio: WTF Boom Anime: Durarara!! Audio: Black Magic Woman – Carlos Santana Anime: Midori Days Audio: Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell Anime: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Audio: Runaway – Linkin Park Closing Skit Anime: Nichijou Audio: Take On Me – A-ha

16. Hollow Season Director's Pitch Reel

Hollow Season Director's Pitch Reel

A pitch reel is an opportunity for filmmakers to put together a proof-of-concept trailer. They are often edited together from a mash-up of similarly themed and shot movies to provide an idea of how a future film will look and feel. Written and to-be-directed by Kody Zimmermann and produced by Rob Cowan (The Conjuring, The Chernobyl Diaries), THE HOLLOW SEASON is set during a scientific expedition to a legendary haunted house, where a disturbed teenaged girl believes her psychic powers are awakening the dark powers within. Comparable: The Conjuring, The Haunting, Carrie, The Legend of Hell House, The Amityville Horror. Although the visuals are from existing films, the score is an original from Alain Mayrand with voice overs from Luisa Jojic, Eric Pollins and Elysia Rotaru. Voice recordings and sound mixing by Ryan Marchant at Bear Studios.

17. trite this way Trailer

trite this way Trailer

Every so often a filmmaker comes along and breaks the rules. After viewing Trite This Way, one wonders if writer/director Jason Heath even knows the rules. The title suggests a story that is not fresh or original - the film is anything but. Sure, the themes of love, treachery, and angry youth are as old as storytelling itself, but Jason Heath tells his story in a way you have never seen before and will likely never see again. There are no orthodox scene constructions, it does not gently guide you where you think you’re going, it crashes you from one format to the next leaving you feeling refreshed and disturbed at the same time. When Heath mixes up the formats, you don’t feel like it’s an attempt to be hip, you feel like it’s an extension of his artistic vision, like it couldn’t be any other way. It’s quite obvious that Mr. Heath didn’t have the critics in mind when he created his masterpiece, in fact, you can’t help but wonder what in the hell he did have in mind. Trite This Way is David Lynch meets Ed Wood, Stanley Kubrick meets Mark Borchardt, Jim Jarmush meets Harmony Korine, and collectively they prepare a meal that John Waters would be happy to puree, snort up his nose, and then regurgitate. The Troma Team would then eagerly lap up the vomit. It is a film scraped out of the dog dish of mediocrity and served on a silver platter. The silver platter is in fact an aluminum TV tray, but Jason Heath has managed to sneak past everyone and spray paint it with silver high-gloss enamel. Not every TV tray has a silver lining, and for that, Jason Heath deserves an award. For that, he deserves recognition. For that, he deserves a broken nose, and for that, he deserves a three picture deal. Hollywood needs a good slap in the face, and in this author’s opinion, Jason Heath is just the man to deliver the blows. There’s no telling what this kid could do with a real budget.

18. Elle Aura - Mermaid

  • Published: 2013-07-31T22:52:23+00:00
  • Duration: 237
  • By Robert K.
Elle Aura - Mermaid

The album "flashes of a pretty face" is coming soon. Heiliger See | Potsdam | 07/2013 More infos: -----------Lyrics------------ Now did I make you walk the plank Or did you jump ship At this point who cares I know you're out there in the world Doing your evil shit And I am less disturbed I cut you out of my own flesh And sure it hurt like hell But I'll be better off Even with that scar in my face I'm more beautiful than ever And you're still tasting rough One by one we're all gone Strangers walking off into the night One by one we're all gone And the last one turns off the light You cannot choose your family And sure enough you were my brother As disturbing as that may seem You heeded to the mermaid's call And I knew that she would kill you At the first chance she could see If only I could swim like you I would have followed you through the oceans All the way into your doom But now tell me what's her secret Is it her beauty or her silence Or the painful looks she threw One by one we're all done Stranger things have happened in the night One by one we're all done And the last one turns off the light The rats are the first to leave And the captain stays last That's how it's always been done And now he's standing on that deck Watching his family dissolve And the tears are starting to run Oh what a mighty ship it's been But it's too late to save it now We have gone too far ahead And now we're sleeping with the fishes While the mermaid is still singing mourning the unborn and the dead One by one we're all done Strangers walking off into the night One by one we're all done And the last one turns off the light One by one we're all done Stranger things have happened in the night And I have waited for bigger things But the last one turns off the light


  • Published: 2012-08-11T12:07:47+00:00
  • Duration: 161
  • By Ermanno Menini

Our job is to walk on one of the anciest (amphi)theatre of Italy and now we have the possibility to show our point of view. This video was made during the rehearsals of W.A.Mozart's "Don Giovanni" directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Lyric Season - Summer 2012. Shooted by Ermanno Menini; Massimiliano Takacs Edited by Ermanno Menini Music by W.A.Mozart: "Don Giovanni Ouvertoure" DON GIOVANNI Act I It is the nighttime and Don Giovanni has stolen into Donna Anna's rooms, while Leporello keeps guard outside cursing his own destiny as a servant. A cry is heard: Donna Anna has resisted her seducer and is running to get help for her father, the Commendatore, who has intervened with his sword drawn to protect his daughter. Don Giovanni kills him and escapes with Leporello, while Don Ottavio turns up to join his betrothed Donna Anna and swears to her that the seducer will be discovered and that his crime will be punished. On the road Don Giovanni is walking around in search of adventure. One of his past lovers, Donna Elvira, appears on the scene and is looking for him to remind him of the promises he has made to her. The cavalier avoids responding to her, and leaves her with Leporello who, to console her, recites to her the endless list of conquests of his master. When Donna Elvira leaves, Don Giovanni joins a cheerful brigade of farmers who are celebrating the wedding of Zerlina and Masetto. Immediately the seducer manages to keep Masetto at a distance while at the same time trapping the bride. However, Donna Elvira intervenes and tries to block the manoeuvre. Don Ottavio and Donna Anna arrive and the latter is able to recognize that Don Giovanni is her father's killer by his voice. He is already far away at this stage but the young girl who is shocked, reveals all of the particulars of the nocturnal attempt of seduction to Don Ottavio, and she instigates him, once again, to carry out the revenge. In the meantime Leporello, carrying out his master's orders, has organized a party in the palace, where Don Giovanni is preparing himself for other conquests. In Don Giovanni's garden the farmers have already arrived while Zerlina is trying to calm Masetto down. Donna Elvira leads Anna and Ottavio, masked, towards Don Giovanni's lair. In a room in the palace the dances begin and while the activities are in full swing Don Giovanni seeks to depart with Zerlina while Leporello detains Masetto; however, the girl begins to shout and Don Giovanni grabs Leporello and makes people believe that it is he who is the seducer, and once again the cavalier manages to save himself even if the plan to kidnap Zerlina has backfired. Act II On the street Don Giovanni exchanges his clothes with Leporello in order to dedicate himself with greater ease to seducing Donna Elvira's maid; Donna Elvira appears at the window and Don Giovanni makes her believe that he is still in love with her. Donna Elvira comes out onto the street and mistakes Leporello for Don Giovanni, as he is wearing his clothes and Don Giovanni in this way is able to keep them at a distance in order to be able to continue his attempt to conquer the maid without being disturbed. He is surprised and interrupted by Masetto who is looking for him in order to kill him. The farmer doesn't recognize him, however, in Leporello's clothes and the crafty cavalier fools him, gives him a beating and escapes. Zerlina, who runs to help her fiancé, can only console him with a heart-easing melody. In the meantime Leporello and Donna Elvira have arrived at Donna Anna's house and while Don Ottavio and Donna Anna arrive with lamps, Leporello tries to escape. He is, however, blocked by Zerlina and Masetto who are entering and would have been killed if he didn't finally reveal that he was, in fact, wearing Don Giovanni's clothes. There is a huge ensemble of consternation and Leporello is able to escape. Leporello joins his master in a secluded place, which he discovers is actually the cemetery where the statue of the Commendatore Don Giovanni killed is to be found. Don Giovanni, mocking the statue, forces Leporello to invite him to dinner and to his and Leporello's astonishment the statue accepts the offer. Having already forgotten about the strange invitation in the cemetery, Don Giovanni is lightheartedly dining in his palace and is being served by Leporello, while a group of musicians raise the spirits of the evening. Donna Elvira bursts in, making a final appeal to Giovanni to reform. He laughs at her, invites her to join him but Elvira, recognizing that she will not change him, runs despairingly off. From outside she utters a piercing scream. Leporello investigates and returns in terror, babbling of a white stone man with earth-shaking strides. Knocking is heard at the door and Don Giovanni opens it. It is the Commendatore's statue and he offers Giovanni the chance to repent but the cavalier refuses and he is dragged into the engulfing flames of hell. Leporello narrates the death of his master to all who have come to arrest the cavalier. A final chorus ("Questo è il fin di chi fa male") rejoices the new refound serenity

20. Wiwanyank wacipi - The Sundance - Part 2

  • Published: 2008-03-06T09:56:50+00:00
  • Duration: 1125
  • By Cinecittà
Wiwanyank wacipi - The Sundance - Part 2

English - This movie was rewarded by a Pariah's Hot stuff award by Handsofmodder - HOT-PICK Synopsis : Eliott is in a very bad situation. He's always thinking about his murder and his fall in hell. He's wanted by the police, he has to hide. He lives in the street, in the Tenderloin District. But this situation can't go on. He has no many solutions. This part is a springboard between the first and the third part. It's showing the hell where lives Eliott. Summary of the first part: A young man who's journalist, goes to do some reporting, but a car crash and a meetings with an old indian changed his life. Now begin a travel with a lot of troubles. He lost her job and drunk a lot. Hurted in the street, he wake up in a hospital. He's very disturbed and is paranoiac, he kills a priest who saved his life. After that, frightened, he lives the hospital and runs away in the street. He doesn’t know what to do and where to go. Casting in order of appearance, thank's for their job: - Cinecittà ; - Sylvie ; - The Cip ; - Riggs ; - Clement93 ; - Charlène. The subtitles are made by Goofparade. He has translated very good for the english speakers. Thank you. Musics are all free on rights and are from (Author-tittle) 01- Black era - stand 02- Grace Valhalla - rash me 03- Kouki – Karmen 04- Black era – The head 05- Black era – The key 06- Black era – Delete careful- Soundtracks are from : - univeral-soundtrack Costumes, sets and props are from : - 6headedmonster - Fraasmovies - sturk - Ozman69 - Frooplet Have a good time. Thank you! Cinecittà Visit The Movies Fr, the french community's website for the creation's softwares The Movies and Moviestorm: ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------- Français Ce film a reçu le Pariah's Hot stuff award par Handsofmodder Synopsis : Eliott est au fond du trou. Il est obsédé, jusque dans ses rêves, par le meurtre qu’il a commis et par la même occasion, par sa chute en enfer. Se sachant recherché par la police, il se terre comme un rat. Il n’a eu d’autres choix que de vivre dans la rue et notamment dans le quartier difficile de Tenderloin. Mais cela ne peut durer éternellement, car sa marge de manœuvre est étroite. Cette partie que je considère comme un tremplin entre la première et la troisième est axée sur cette enfer que vit Eliott. Résumé épisode 1 (le film est en cours d’upload) : Eliot est un jeune reporter travaillant pour un journal de San Francisco. Il est chargé d'un reportage sur une conférence dans le Wyoming. Mais un accident, puis une rencontre avec un vieil indien sioux du nom de Chayton vont bouleverser sa vie. Perdant son emploi et extrêment troublé par cette rencontre il noie ses soucis dans l'alcool. Agressé, il se retrouve à l'hôpital. Lors de son réveil, très perturbé, il sombre dans une sorte de paranoïa qui le pousse à étrangler le prêtre qui l'avait amené aux urgences. Paniqué par ce qu'il a fait, il fuit, ne sachant pas où aller et que faire. Doubleurs par ordre d’apparition, merci à eux pour leur travail: - Cinecittà ; - Sylvie ; - The Cip ; - Riggs ; - Clement93 ; - Charlène. Les sous-titres ont été réalisés par Goofparade. Il a très bien réinterprété les dialogues en anglais afin que ceux-ci soit tout à fait compréhensible par le public anglophone. Merci à lui. Les musiques sont libres de droit et proviennent du site (Auteur-titre): 01- Black era - stand 02- Grace Valhalla - rash me 03- Kouki – Karmen 04- Black era – The head 05- Black era – The key 06- Black era – Delete careful- Les bruitages proviennent des sites suivants : - univeral-soundtrack Les costumes, sets et props en plus sont de : - 6headedmonster - Fraasmovies - sturk - Ozman69 - Frooplet Voilà, il me reste à vous souhaiter bon film. J’espère que celui-ci vous plaira. Cinecittà Visitez The Movies FR, le site dédié à la communauté francophone des logiciels de création de machinima The Movies et Moviestorm :