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1. Steve Baltes trance

  • Published: 2013-02-20T19:02:30Z
  • By DJSSH
Steve Baltes trance

e21 vs Steve Baltes - 12 tracks of trance compilation Oct.-Nov. 2004 All tracks produced or remixed by Steve Baltes (Germany) Mixed by e21 (USA) at Santa's Workshop and remastered by Marc Hendrix in Nashville Tracklisting: My Syle ©1997 Go For It/Xtra Bova Alphabet City Ocean Of Love ©2000 Axwax Records The Drums ©1998 N-Tribe/Alphabet City Kiss Round Midnite ©1997 Go For It/Xtra Bova Alphabet City Control(Andora - Blade Runner) © 1999 What's Up ?! Thoughts ©1999 Go For It, Alphabet City Open your Heart ©2002 Dancing Spririt Recordings Dreamcatcher ©2002 F8 Records Six Strings to heaven ©2000 Go for it, Alphabet City Dreams ©1999 Go For It, Alphabet City Eternal Silence ©2001 Propeller/ Harem records The Touch ©2000 Propeller/ Harem Records

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2. House-techno

  • Published: 2013-02-20T16:42:13Z
  • By DJSSH

Sole:::house:::techno Spring 2005 Special thanks goes out to to all the guys at Sole Unlimited Distribution for providing me the opportunity to record this mix, "the music you guys have been sending me is absolutely fabulous!!!!" Big thanks goes out to Angel Alanis for being part of most of the tracks on this mix, "these tracks embody the sound that I have always found myself drawn to in the techno and tech-house genres." Thanks to Frankie Vega at Blue Line Techno, "when I told you I liked #6 the best, I had no idea it was yours!!!" Finally, thanks go out to my ex-"wife" and ex-partner in life, "FUCK YOU HOE!!!" 1. Pair of Jacks: "Funkin Dance" A1 House Mix - A-Trax (ATX) 2. Speaker Freaker (Terry Mullan & Halo): A1 Nickle Bad Da Funk - Catalyst Recordings 3. Angel Alanis: "Bitches & Drum Machines" A1 Angel Alanis Mix - InStereo 4. Angel Alanis: "InternASStional" A1 InternASStional (Original) - A-Squared Muzik 5. Angel Alanis: "Wickedness" A1 Wickedness (original) - A-Squared Muzik 6. Frankie Vega & Michael Demuth: "America Blackout EP" B2 Sweatbox Remix - Blueline 7 Primal Tracks 1.0: B2 "Ground Control" - Blueline 8. Faded Tools No. 1: B1 Back in Chicago - Fadedmuzik 9. Pair of Jacks: "Funkin Dance" B2 Hard House Mix - A-Trax (ATX) 10. Pair of Jacks: "Jack it Up" B2 Hard House Mix - (ATX) 11. Pair of Jacks: "Ghetto Mutha Fuckas" B1 Bitch Slap - A-Squared Muzik 12. Pair of Jacks: "That Party Track" A1 Angel Alanis Rework - A-Squared Muzik

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3. DJ SSH - Dont Wait For Me

  • Published: 2015-11-26T06:54:11Z
  • By DJ - SSH
DJ SSH - Dont Wait For Me

Wrote this for someone. ;) lil Homie xx

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