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1. THOUXANBANFAUNI - S.G.G. [PROD]: Cap$ule Corp.


@milanmakesbeats x @chinatownbeats

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4. Kriss Communique-58(G-Prod Remix)(Groove Factory)

Kriss Communique-58(G-Prod Remix)(Groove Factory)

Laurent Garnier:C'est trop bon ce track mi Maurizio chord stabs , mi Detroit stringz..... Avec un track comme ça vous ne pouvez que me caresser dans le bon sens du poil Moi je surkiff carrément............ Comme dirait Carl Cox " ooOHHH YES OOOOHHH YYYEEESSSS !!!!" Andy Kneale Kneale: Reallly love this guys. Reminds me Of the Youngsters Mason Rubinstein: "G-Prod Mix is brilliant ! thanks Van Czar: "I dig "G-Prod" remix, top quality sounds!" Jules Wells: "MEGA bombe by g-prod !!!!!" Marco Gayo: "G-Prod Remix: Fat!" Hughes Giboulay: "G-prod remix for me !!! very nice" François Vignal: "My favorite is the G-Prod remix but the orginal is very good too, funny and cool with nice sounds !" Cedric Driks: "superbe remix!!" Benjamin Ruedas: "G-Top !" Andrew Magro: "G-Prod's remix is super!"

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5. G-Prod pandémic

G-Prod pandémic

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13. G-Prod - Memory

G-Prod - Memory

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18. G-Prod Speedway

G-Prod   Speedway

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