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1. Guest: John Titor II

Guest: John Titor II

September 8th broadcast — USAF Staff Sgt. Jim Penniston described time travelers from a distant future as key to what happened in the mysterious Rendlesham Forest phenomena of December 1980. Now comes new testimony from an Area 51 USAF “Commander of 177th Time Travel Division,” John Titor II, who describes his 1989 assignment to go in an American time travel aerial vehicle to the year 2050 in Earth's future. The view was so shocking that the United States began looking for new planets to colonize.

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2. MUR152416KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Case Review 73664

MUR152416KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Case Review 73664

On this show we detail case # 73664 as follows: Efrain was with his Dad and best friend fishing. As they were walking back to the car, Efrain noticed a light up ahead and it was near their vehicle. His Dad then said that he thought someone was trying to steal the vehicle or break into it so they all started running for the car. They did have a machete just in case of trouble. As they got closer to the vehicle it became clear that this was not a human but what looked like a light surrounding a black or shadow type human shape. The being in the light appeared to have all normal human movements like turning their head and normal looking movements while running. The being saw them and after a moment as Efrain, his Dad and friend got closer the being started running off to the river. Efrain ran after the being a short distance down a path which took approximately 15-30 seconds. Efrain remembers the being in a bright light but the figure that looked "mostly human" in the light could only be seen from the waist up. His legs were not visible in the light; however, the witness recalls the being ran as though running with legs on the ground. There was a distinct "whooshing" sound when the being moved. He said there was a very odd smell in the air that he thought came directly from the being and light and it smelled of cinnamon but mostly car battery or burned wires or electronics. As the being and Efrain made it to the water, he recalls reaching out to grab the shoulder and what should have been a physical shoulder, instead his hand ran through the light and it was very cold. It was then he heard {"mentally" or telepathically} "Please don't touch me. Please don't touch me." He said that he felt as though this message was going through his forehead and these thoughts were absolutely from the being. It was a male voice. He also felt fear that he understood as the beings as if the being wanted him to know he was frightened. At this instant, the "light Being" jumped into the water and "completely vanished". "Evaporated into the water." There was a small splash but there was no sign of the light or the being in or under the water. At this time Efrain turned and headed back to his Father and friend that stopped after coming to the car. He said they were very scared, panicked and did not follow him when he chased the being. He describes the being as about 5' tall and there was not really details in the appearance other than a dark, black or shadow of a human type form. He said there seemed to be no effects to the vehicle at all and they drove home. His Father was scared and upset and said that he will not talk about what they saw. And to this day, he hasn't. His Best friend was also frightened and refused to be interviewed as he too does not want to talk about this event. Efrain went back to the site a few days later to see if he could see footprints or anything left behind but there was none he could find. The path where they ran was still visible but that was all.

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3. PHENOMENON Radio Show ~ with Ronnie Dugdale & James Worrow

PHENOMENON Radio Show ~ with Ronnie Dugdale & James Worrow

March 9th, 2017, with Co-Hosts John Burroughs and Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe. Joining them on the program, British researcher & Phenomenon Radio Contributor - Ronnie Dugdale and Researcher James Worrow. Ronnie will be covering some of what the original British researchers were told about how technology could have played a part in the incident with James going into research he has conducted that has uncovered documents that support the fact some of what took place could very well involve SAP black budget testing. Was it an Extraterrestrial Event?

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4. RDS052316KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - Why Americans Dont Understand Politics

RDS052316KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - Why Americans Dont Understand Politics

Why American's don't understand politics. This is a very interesting broadcast from Richard, one of America's preemptive historians, on why American's just don't get it when it comes to politics today. A must listen!

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5. Guests: Chuck deCaro & Col. Charles Halt

Guests: Chuck deCaro & Col. Charles Halt

Host John Burroughs and Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe along with former CNN investigative reporter Chuck DeCaro, who in 1985 produced the first 5-part TV series about the December 1980 mysterious lights, beams and craft phenomena in Rendlesham Forest near NATO's then largest base, RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge. Our special guest will be retired Col. Charles I. Halt, who was then Deputy Base Commander at RAF Bentwaters/ Woodbridge and who led a team of several base security men into the forest after midnight December 28, 1980. That's when unidentified aerial lights emitted beams to the ground close to Col. Halt and his men. His book The Halt Perspective was released in November 2016. Special Thanks to both gentlemen for coming on the program...

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6. PRS060216KGRA - Phenomenon Radio - Gary Heseltine

PRS060216KGRA - Phenomenon Radio  - Gary Heseltine

This is a riveting interview with three of the top UFO investigation/Researchers in the world today. This conversation on the storied Rendlesham/Bentwaters Incident will leave you questioning many so called facts within the case so far. where does it all lead? Tune in to this interview and engage in the search for the true facts about this amazing happening at the largest NATO Air Base in the world at the time!

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7. Grant Cameron & UFO Podesta Wikileaks

Grant Cameron & UFO Podesta Wikileaks

Exactly what is in all of those leaked Podesta emails anyway? Listen to the man who is going through thousands of emails from Wikileaks to determine what any of it may mean to the UFO community. This is a great interview with one of the best archival researchers in the UFO Movement today.

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8. MUR031616KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Pat Daniels & Bill Puckett

MUR031616KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - Pat Daniels & Bill Puckett

Mufon is the largest civilian UFO research organization in the world. The official MUFON Radio show is hosted exclusively by KGRA Radio with host, Race Hobbs and executive producer Roger Marsh. In this episode, the witness, Pat Daniels over hears communication between a commercial airliner and the ground traffic controllers. The investigator Bill Puckett corroborates this with dogged research and tenacity to uncover the truth about this amazing claim reported to the Mutual UFO Network! If you have idea for a MUFON UFO Radio show or would like to contribute or be a guest then please email Steve at [email protected]

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9. MUR040516KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - MUFON Special With Bill Mumy & Angela Cartwright

MUR040516KGRA - MUFON UFO Radio - MUFON Special With Bill Mumy & Angela Cartwright

We hope you will enjoy this wonderful talk with 2 of American Television Icons! Bill & Angela are most generous for granting us this rare opportunity to talk about Lost in Space and the behind the scenes stories that make the historical value of the wonderful show they grew up filming a continuing success! Thanks for Listening!

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10. RDS011116KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - False Flags

RDS011116KGRA - The Richard Dolan Show - False Flags

Do the governments of the world create disasters, mass killings and terror attacks to carry out political and globalist agendas? Richard Dolan, the worlds foremost UFO Historian puts fourth his take on False Flags carried out, and why, on this broadcast of the Richard Dolan Show aired every Monday night at 8pm Eastern on

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11. PRS012116KGRA - PHENOMENON Radio - Grant Cameron

PRS012116KGRA - PHENOMENON Radio - Grant Cameron

On this edition of PHENOMENON Radio, Linda Moulton Howe & John Burrough talk to the foremost authority on Presidential UFOs on the planet, Grant Cameron. In this political climate with presidential candidates talking about disclosing what the US government knows about UFOs, can we expect the UFO Truth Embargo to crumble? A topic that was once considered political suicide, UFOs and ETs seem to be coming in to the main stream more and more without the historic taboos that come along with it. What does this mean? Listen to Phenomenon Radio ever Thursday night at 8pm Eastern LIVE and John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe dig deeper to find fascinating truths regarding Extraterrestrial/UFOs/UAPs/UCTs in our world!

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12. RDR Promo 2016

RDR Promo 2016

Welcome to the Roswell Daily Record’s Roswell Incident 2016. The event will be held July 1st & 2nd (Friday & Saturday) from 9am – 6pm. This year we are featuring some of the top UFO journalists, investigators, screen writers and ex-government officials in the field and we are honored to have them speak at our event this year. The KGRA will be Live on Location Broadcast from the event! We will be holding a special one night VIP Event, Saturday July 2nd, starting at 5:30pm. VIP PASS information and pricing TBA, so please sign up for our newsletter for details.

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13. FMR051016KGRA - Fate Magazine Radio - Alan Butler & Janet Wolter

FMR051016KGRA - Fate Magazine Radio - Alan Butler & Janet Wolter

America's Founding Fathers, Who were they? Alan is a writer, researcher, and recognized expert in ancient cosmology and astronomy & Janet is a well-known and celebrated historical investigator and author. America: Nation of the Goddess “From the deepest shadows of the medieval Knights Templar to the shining light of the National Grange and Freemasonry, Alan Butler and Janet Wolter lift the many veils of the Venus Families and reveal their central involvement in the founding of America. Gently unwinding the double helix of the Holy Bloodline, they display the eternal Goddess in all of her glorious splendor.”

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14. KGRA & Holiday Maker Travel!

KGRA & Holiday Maker Travel!

Congratulations to Kindra Nappo of New Hampshire for Winning our Free Cruise Give-A-Way from the KGRA and Holiday Maker Travel valued at over 3000.00! Be a Winner and go to , click the CONTEST tab, and select the contest you want to win! Win BIG for Conference Tickets, Autographed Books, DvD's, Dinner with Speakers and KGRA Hosts! Win BIG with KGRA This Summer! Good Luck!

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15. FATE Magazine Radio Dr David Jacobs 2

FATE Magazine Radio Dr David Jacobs 2

In today's society, conversation about human, alien hybrids are becoming a more common thing with exposure to this thought paradigm on television and movies. Most popularly was the latest X~Files 6 part series which ended with the alien human hybrid existence and when we talk about this train of thought in the modern reality, know one knows more on this than Dr. Jacobs. In this interview, Chase Kloetzke and Dr. Jacobs talk on human alien hybrids and the decade of research and investigation in to it. FATE Magazine Radio airs every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern time Exclusively on

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16. Roswell Daily Record CC Brief Chuck Halt

Roswell Daily Record CC Brief  Chuck Halt

Col Halt will be a featured presenter at the Roswell Incident Event on July 1st & 2nd, 2016 in Roswell new Mexico! ---------------------------------------------------- Colonel Halt was assigned from the Pentagon to RAF Bentwaters in 1980 as the Deputy Base Commander and later promoted and became the Base Commander. In a following assignment he was posted to Kunsan AB Korea as the Base Commander. His final military assignment was Director, Inspections Directorate for the Department of Defense Inspector General, where he had total inspection over site of the entire Department of Defense, all services and defense agencies. The Title of presentation “The Bentwaters Incident” I will describe the remarkable events that occurred over a three day period, the impact, agency involvement and further developments.

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17. National Security Investigative Journalist - Annie Jacobson

National Security Investigative Journalist - Annie Jacobson

Going Deep into the book, on page 400 Dr Kit Green states "Its important to remember DNA does not invent stories he says Gene mapping and advanced single-cell analysis techniques revel biological truths". In effect Green and Nolan are searching for a gene for paranormality. Or as Green prefers to say, "The genomics of supernormality.. This is one of the most riveting interviews about the so called, coming announcements involving the Phenomenon! Follow the Bread Crumbs...

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18. ENCOUNTERS Brief - Political Reality

ENCOUNTERS Brief - Political Reality

With a new season of ENCOUNTERS underway, and with new panel members added to the original 5 to now make it The 9, the 2016 season promises to be the best ever! The main ENCOUNTERS broadcasts quarterly are under way and the first will be released in a few days, but what old ENCOUNTERS fans and new alike, will enjoy the ENCOUNTERS Briefs episodes that will drop occasionally when we choose to cover trending topics as they arise in our field. This is one of those episodes. The political climate today is one of the most bizarre in memory and we have decided to get a few of the 9 together to talk about it different aspects of what is going on in this 2016 presidential run for the White House. On this episode titled, 'Political Reality' we will hear from Chase Kloetzke - Race Hobbs - Lee Spiegel - Richard Dolan and Marc D' Antonio.

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19. Ret. SR. Chief Petty Officer Kevin Day

Ret. SR. Chief Petty Officer Kevin Day

“Oh my god! Oh my god! I’m engaged, I’m engaged! Shit!’ He’s screaming on the radio.” Excerpts from the 1st. Live Interview Testimony of radar operator Kevin Day, former Senior Chief Petty Officer aboard the USS Princeton, repeating the words he heard in real time from an F-18 pilot engaging the unknown object at 23,000 feet, the so called, 'TIC TAC' UFO encounter in 2004. PHENOMENON Radio has another first time military witness, on the record, here first on KGRA Radio. This IS history ... Remember, we said that...

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20. RDR Podcast Series - Episode #1

RDR Podcast Series - Episode #1

Seeking to resolve the Roswell mystery is the title of the article written by Nick Pope announcing a call to the public for evidence that could help solve the Roswell Crash Mystery. This is the Roswell Daily Record Radio Podcast with hosts: Race Hobbs & Toby Martinez and special guest, Nick Pope. Nick with be live in person for the 2nd annual Roswell Incident Conference to be held at the 70th annual celebration of the Roswell Crash Mystery, in Roswell New Mexico, June 30 - July 2, 2017 Visit for all the details. This show is produced and sponsored by the KGRA Digital Broadcasting Station...

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