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1. Under the Stars

  • Published: 2017-11-25T21:31:20Z
  • By Kid Kumba
Under the Stars

just remembering all the times we went camping, danced all night, made s'mores, and laid gazing into the starry night ~ close your eyes and remember with me . - kid kumba

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2. Unspoken Youth

  • Published: 2018-02-08T03:59:53Z
  • By Kid Kumba
Unspoken Youth

Embrace the Days of Our Youth

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3. DoLab tease - Kid Kumba - vol. 001

  • Published: 2017-03-04T04:56:28Z
  • By Kid Kumba
DoLab tease - Kid Kumba - vol. 001

🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬 (drank too much merlot) dolab warmup pls like and repost if u enjoy

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4. Memories We Made

  • Published: 2017-12-26T03:10:04Z
  • By Kid Kumba
Memories We Made

This one is for all my friends & lovers who made my 2017 one for the books; for all the times we danced the nights away, traveled 1,000 miles just to say hello, snuggled under the stars, wandered the deserts pretending to be goblins, dressed minty fresh in the streets of Chi Town, pierced each others nipples with safety pins, and laughed and cried to rufus. Thank you guys for always supporting me, we're all in this together until the end

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5. That Feeling

  • Published: 2018-03-15T06:16:38Z
  • By Kid Kumba
That Feeling

love every moment ~ smile ~ and the world is your oyster mastered by @montag-music | check out his music

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6. Desert Dreams

  • Published: 2018-04-12T06:58:47Z
  • By Kid Kumba
Desert Dreams

desert dreams ~ under the sun ~ radiating good vibes ~ road trippin' through the sahara's | happy coachella 2018

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7. DIRTYBIRD - Kid Kumba - Kumbaya vol. 002

  • Published: 2017-07-27T05:23:55Z
  • By Kid Kumba
DIRTYBIRD - Kid Kumba - Kumbaya vol. 002

DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT - Oct. 07, 2017 Attention Campers, please make sure to take deep breathes at all times and keep the groove on the move; It is imperative you carry inflatable pizza's, and make one too many silly memories. Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster, Kid Kumba

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9. Ninja Kid - Hatiende Kumba

Ninja Kid - Hatiende Kumba

Sude produciton.

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10. The Hud with Kumba 1.1

  • Published: 2016-10-05T02:03:48Z
  • By HudStream
The Hud with Kumba 1.1

First episode of The Hud with Kumba. In this episode Kumba aka The Kid with the Boombox speaks about Hudson County unity and what Hudson County art means to him. In this show you will hear music from Physical Graffiti, Karma, Chase, Sci, Cheech Ortiz, Cosmic, and Low Down Lords.

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11. Infectious Zimdancehall Vol 2 (2014) - DJ TRAVELLA

Infectious Zimdancehall Vol 2 (2014) - DJ TRAVELLA

NEW DOWNLOAD LINK (27/5/16) THANK YOU FOR THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK ON THIS MIX. I HAVE REFRESHED A NEW DOWNLOAD LINK AS OF MAY 2016 SINCE THIS TRACK HAS ATTAINED MAXIMUM DOWNLOADS ON SOUNDCLOUD. YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD IT FROM ENJOY!! Infectious ZimDancehall Vol 2 Mix.- DJ TRAVELLA 1. killer t - ndeve short time (Amagideon Riddim) 2. soul jah love - ndiri kudhadhamuka (Amagedion Riddim) 3. seh calaz - dhonza (Amagedion Riddim) 4. mega b - ndaive ndiriko (Amagedion Riddim) 5. killer t - hatibuditse infomation (Amagedion Riddim) 6. Maffcat ft Chartzman - yave Dancewar 7. king shaddy - vanonyeya vamwe 8. lady squanda - squanda fire 9. guspy warrior - comfortable 10. seh calaz - pandakatanga 11. maffcat - handiende kumba (no mercy riddim) 12. Soul Jah Love - Handichabatika (no mercy riddim) 13. Shinsoman - Heavy Musambo (no mercy riddim) 14. kinnah - ndofira music (one clan riddim) 15. ricky fire - hakuna asingade (one clan riddim ) 16. Mic Inity - gal u look good (one clan riddim) 17. sniper storm - siyanai nemafanz angu (one clan riddim) 18. Ras Pompey - hatirarame ne luck (one clan riddim vol2) 19. winky D - paita party ( one clan riddim) 20. ricky fire - kumba kunouya kuno (advance kusugar album) 21. legion - al quaeda prezha 22. legend elly - giroriya 23. seh calaz ft turbalance - mumota muri kubvira remix 24. quonfused - mukanwa mako muri kunhuwa (seh calaz diss) 25. soul jah luv - ndini uya uya (final battle riddim) 26. kinnah - ndichimhanya semuvhimi (final battle riddim) 27. killer t - pachiterrorist (final battle riddim) 28. seh calaz - husahwira hwenyu (final battle riddim) 29. freeman - we are leaders (untouchable flevah riddim) 30. jay c - h.k.d (untouchable flevah riddim) 31. ras bledz - mudiwa (madiro Records) 32. soul jah luv - ndongosimudza musoro (zimbo flavor riddim) 33. tockie vybz - (zimbo flavor riddim) 34. Ninja Kid - Ndofira kureva (zimbo flavor riddim) 35. platinum prince - ndirikufunga (zimbo flavor riddim) 36. qounfused - ndakusuwa (zimbo flavor riddim) 37. silva ft kanto dem - summer time 38. winky d - mafeelings 39. legion - mafiriji pakadoma 40. platinum prince - vum vum 41. shinsoman ft soul jah luv - hatichabatika 42. seh calaz - ndisiyeyi ( summer fling riddim) 43. killer t ft caveman - summer time (summer fling riddim) 44. soul jah love - nguva yezhizha (summer fling riddim) 45. snagga bounty ft trinta - wakanakisa 46. kinah ft borsh master - ndoda kukuimbira 47. ricky fire - evidence (chitungwiza riddim) 48. dadza d - chitungwiza (chitungwiza riddim) 49. soul jah luv ft g mbare - chadamoyo 50. soul jah luv - pangu pangu (zim jam riddim) contacts: [email protected] skype : princetravella twitter: @princetravella cell: +27604520473 : +263774784591 / +263773359064 management: +61452446473 facebook:

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12. Podcast 25 - Manny Cuevas

Podcast 25 - Manny Cuevas

1. Manny Cuevas - Techno-Kid (Acid House Mix) - Hottwerk Records 2. Ken Desmend - It's Our (Original Mix - Aila Records 3. John Massey - Simple Psychosis (Original Mix) - From 0-1 4. Krenzlin & Oliver Rosemann - Feedback (Original Mix) - From 0-1 5. Robert Hood - Eclipse - M-Plant 6. Floorplan - Let The Church - M-Plant 7. Roy Davis Jr. - Jack Da Rhythms (Manny Cuevas Extended Edit) - Kumba Records 8. DJ Pierre - Atom Bomb (Atomic Wild Pitch Mix) - Guerilla Records 9. Satoshi Tomiie - Thursday 2 AM (Ron Trent 7 AM Dub) - Abstract Architecture 10. Nils Hoffman - Karma Flash (Manny Cuevas Extended Re-WerQ) - Unreleased 11. Lil Louis - Super Clash - Cassette Tape

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13. VODERcast .081 - Sean Thomas - Bad Ol Days

VODERcast .081 - Sean Thomas - Bad Ol Days

Intro Bullitnuts - Mañana - Pork 1. Nutype - Noisy Ride - Mistress 2. Soundbox - Boneyard (Terry Francis Remix) - Eye 4 Sound 3. Velocity Boy - Whitetrax - Tag 4. Roy Davis Jr. - Jack Da Rhythms - Kumba 5. Ghetto Brothers - Bass Manoeuvres - ESP 6. Paul Hester - Subsonic Interference - Heard 7. "Dirty" Harry - Let It Go - Hot N Spycy 8. Percy X - Freeview Preview - Generations 9. High Spirits - Wizard Of Rhythm (Uplifted Spirit Mix) - HardTrax 10. Joe Montana - Fragile (Harbeat Mix) - Loud Bit 11. Stoop Kid - Forward (The Strap-On Jack Mix) - Auto 12. dBRm - Faction - The Nothing Special 13. Occidental - I Have Always - Deep Club 14. Virginia - Funkert - Ostgut Ton 15. Miclodiet - Psychic - Genesa 16. Perbec - Until The End pt 2 - Ifach 17. Ro70 / Move D - Untitled B (Meets II) - Source 18. Vincenzo - The Way Of Thinking - Dessous 19. Audio Spectrum - Sex With A Stranger - Soma

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14. ATFC's Shots From The Hip Radio Show 07/02/15

  • Published: 2015-02-09T18:10:00Z
  • By ATFC
ATFC's Shots From The Hip Radio Show 07/02/15

1. Kid Creme - Doin My Own Thing 2. David Penn & Rober Gaez – Non Stop Rockin (Original_Mix) 3. Andy Tee & Danny Losito - It's Not Over (BreakDown Mix) 4. Anne Brun - Head Phone Silence 5. Oliver S - Granulated Soul (Original Mix) 6. Kid Crème - Sugarman 7. Etienne De Crecy - You (Todd Edwards Remix) [Pixadelic RED] 8. Knee Deep - Me Kumba (Original) 9. Africanism All Stars - Viel ou la (Dub Version) 10. Alex Patchwork - Untitled Keys 11. Blaze - Seasons of Love (Kiko Navarro Vocal Re-Edit) 12. Kenny Latimore - Days Like This 13. Omar S - Set It Out 14. Tim VitaÌ & Oliver Gehrmann - Claps & Snaps 15. Ultramagnetic MC's - A Chorus Line (Original 12 Version Featuring Tim Dog) 16. EPMD - Strictly Business (Original 12" Version) 17. Babyface ft. Snoop Dogg - Baby's Mama 18. Après - Chicago 19. Skwerl - All Woman(Original) 20. Sunshine Jones - If You Wouldn't Mind (Tiger Stripes Remix) 21. Solumon - Talk To The Hand 22. Martin Eyerer - What We Fear (Kling Klong) 23. Ramiro Lopez & Arjun Vagale - Prism (Terminal M) 24. Technasia - Obsession (Hombre Lowdown's French Kissed Edit) 25. Lou Reed - Satellite Of Love

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My names are; ENOW MOSES BECHEM certified on the 09/11/1986, in Ngaoundere, Cameroon as being the place of birth. Enow because it's my family name and Moses Bechem because it is the name of my name-sack, he was a man of character, moral and honor. I am GREAT IMAGE artist burn in 2000 in the streets of bonaberi, Douala, Cameroon. GREAT IMAGE like G guarantee R rap E enmeshed A access T time All these being an Image IMAGE as what you want the society to putrid of you as consenting ethic and moral, that is whom you are or what you want people to think of you. I had a devin call to be that whom; guarantee rap to enmeshed and access time all of this being an image (being an example). Education My first days to school was in 1993, I saw for the first time the four conners of a class room. This was in a school in Douala, bonaberi called; Government Bilingual Primary School SODIKO. Where I did class one and had to stop due to health reasons. I started again school in VIRTUS Bilingual Primary School a year later and did classes one and two, moved to Kumba and did classes three and four in Government Primary School Kumba town. Then came back to Douala in 1999 at People Progressive Bilingual Primary School where I had my First School Leaving Certificate in 2002. I started my steps in secondary school in 2003 at Institute Bilingue Tonji and did from form one to form four, I went to Bamenda in 2007 in Longla Compriensive College LCC Mankon. I Came back again to Douala in Alanta Bilingual College in 2008 here I made with my Ordinary Level GCE Commercial Certificate in Business Study. I school in Access Evening School two year later and made in 2010 with my Advance Level GCE Commercial in Business Administration as specialty. Works and archives 1995 best spotter in primary school 2008 Ordinary Level GCE Commercial 2010 Advance Level GCE Commercial 2014 Athlete, gold and sliver medals in Javelin and Table Tennis respectively in the 2014 University Game. Music Among my best artist you can count; Micheal Jacson, winney uston, 2pac, bad street boyz, R.kelly, cread divine, sisquo,Kotto Bass,ndedi eyango, Ebou Lotine, petti paye, and many others. I started listening to music as kid at the age of five year old, influence by my father with the wild verities of disks he bought. I started writing music in class seven in the year 2001, the first song I wrote was title "lalala". My first concert was in 2002 in Ecole Boss one primary school around my hood, it was in its opening ceremony. My first studio work was in Timmo Bass in the year 2003. We recorded with friend from the Survives Clan a group of anglophone hip-hoppers in bonaberi Douala. The title of the track was "survivor". My first soloist record was title "stand up" in 2004, now is my come back time. Up coming 2014, presentation of "You all know me" my maxisingle of five title, watch out!!!

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