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1. Making of Rare South Indian Delicacy (Putarekulu Sweet)

Making of Rare South Indian Delicacy (Putarekulu Sweet)

Ingredients for making Putarekulu: - Sugar(powdered) - Filo dough(you will find in frozen section) - Melted butter / Ghee Putarekulu Recipe Making Procedure: - Grind the sugar to very fine powder.keep aside. - Thaw Filo dough sheets, these are too delicate & hence need to b handled carefully. - once it comes to room temperature, separate each sheet & spread on work surface. - Brush melted butter on the sheet,cut each sheet into 4 inch wide , long strips. - Sprinkle the powdered sugar on this strip & roll it carefully to form the shape of putareku. - keep it aside for some time, till it gets a bit crisp Video background music: - Composition of Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji - Guitar played by Ulf Manu (Germany)