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  • Published: 2011-07-22T14:19:24Z
  • By PENGu!NS

PENGU!NS DO NOT TURN THE MUSIC DOWN Prepare to meet the voice of the musical resistance… Pengu!ns are here to shock and thrill you. This is rock and roll at its most dynamic and forceful, full of passion, love, anger and aggression – a blissful violation of the senses, combining powerhouse percussion, cascading guitars and soulful vocals to form a fearsome psychedelic monsoon. Hailed as the ‘punk Eurythmics’, Pengu!ns comprise the enormous talent that is Zak Starkey, alongside the captivating and magnetic ‘Sshh’ on vocals. Debut single ‘Hate Male’ sublimely showcases the band’s love of expansive soundscapes defined by pulsating rhythms that grip like an industrial vice, backbreaking riffs and scorching harmonica. Press Contact > [email protected] Radio Contact > [email protected]

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