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1. How to crochet a bobble stitch

How to crochet a bobble stitch

In this DROPS video we show how to make the pretty crochet bobble stitch. Decorative and fun to decorate scarves, hats and much more. A bobble is created by crocheting several dc's together into the same stitch. Crochet like this: chain 20, turn and start working in 2nd ch from hook. Row 1: 1 dc, *in next st work 4 tr tog, 3 dc*, continue *-* until 1 st remain on row, work 1 dc, turn. Row 2: ch 1, work 1 dc in each of the 20 sts, turn. Row 3: ch 1, *work 3 dc, in next st work 4 tr tog*, continue *-* and work dc in last 3 sts, turn. Row 4: ch 1, work 1 dc in each of the 20 sts, turn, 1 lm. Repeat row 1 - 4. This video has NO SOUND - you must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You'll find the pattern by clicking here: You can find this video in many more languages, as well as search within all DROPS knitting and crochet videos here: Find thousands of free knitting and crochet patterns here:

2. Bilens dag

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  • Duration: 32
  • By CAR Sverige
Bilens dag

Stockholms tunnelbana är full av potentiella bilister. Tänk om dom skulle ta bilen istället? I varje bil sitter det i genomsnitt 1,2 personer. Om alla som sitter på ett tunnelbanetåg tog bilen skulle vi få en 4 km lång bilkö. Det motsvarar hela Essingeleden mellan Kungsholmen och Södra länken. Om alla som tar tunnelbanan mellan Slussen och Gamla stan i morgonrusningen istället tog bilen så fick vi en bilkö som sträckte sig 20 mil. Det motsvarar hela vägen till Linköping. Kanske skulle då våra politiker förstå att vi behöver mer motorvägar i Stockholm? Läs mer:

3. David Latour: Games Animation Demo Reel

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  • Duration: 168
  • By David Latour
David Latour: Games Animation Demo Reel

This is my demo reel showing some samples of my work for video games. All animation on this reel is entirely key framed. I have worked extensively with motion capture as well, and can provide samples of that work if needed. WW2 animations. Made for "Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade" (project cancelled) – All keyframed in MotionBuilder. Allied soldier running animation was by Steve Weston. As my work had to merge into/out of that; it’s included for continuity. The rest of this work was done in MAYA. (Except the werewolf walk cycle which was animated in a proprietary application) Shots 1-3 Amiso attack animations for "X-Men:The Official Game". This character was originally designed as an enemy AI for the wolverine portion of the game. The entire anim set for this character was done by me. Unfortunately the character was dropped from the final version of the game – which was too bad, because I though she looked pretty cool. Shot 4. Magneto anim for "XM:TOG". This animation was Magneto hovering in mid-air. He’s using his mutant ability to grab Colossus, torture him “rack style”, and toss him away. The entire animation set for Magneto was done by me, but again - Magneto was dropped from the game. Bummer. Shot 5. This is Magneto hovering in mid air and gathering metal parts from the wall of dark cerebro to hurl at the player. Made for "XM:TOG", but dropped from the final version of the game. Shot 6. This is actually a test animation for Stephen King’s “Talisman”. I.L.M. wanted a sample of how a quadruped werewolf might move. I based this cycle on some different videos of male lions walking. This was key framed using proprietary animation software at ILM. (called “poseur”). I salvaged a werewolf model from “Van Helsing” and scaled the limb proportions to get something that would work. Shots7-8 Two test animations for a Wolverine game – a little more stylized in their timing. Some concept ideas from me about how Logan would use his claws to navigate around the world. Shot 9-10 Player character walk and run cycles for "X-Men:Mutants". The project was shelved, in spite of a remarkably good demo. So sad. Shots 11-17 Various animations for Multiple-Man from "XM:TOG". I animated the entire anim set for this character. (He’s actually in the final game – YAY!) The animations are; Combat Idle, Fatigue and Recover, Gather up Clones, Reloading Handgun, Mean Looking Walk, Spinner Attack, and Sunrise Attack. Shot 18 Phalanx walk cycle from "X-Men:Mutants". Shot 19-20 Phalanx Sweep Attack and Phalanx Area-of-Affect Attack. Shot 21 Phalanx Death animation for "X-Men:Mutants". He starts dissolving into a cloud of particles at the apex – so he never actually hits the ground

4. Bonita M/S

Bonita M/S

20/7 2012 Kolliderede en nat i 1941 med Bojan S/S, højest sandsynligt pga. de afskærmede lanterner besværliggjorde navigationen. Skibet gik ned 1 minut efter kollisionen, og tog 21 personer med. Optaget på sommertogt med NSKs Bolette Munkholm.

5. Apresentação de Tog Chöd por parte dos alunos de Ana Taboada ao Mestre Tulku Lobsang

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  • Duration: 186
  • By Ana Taboada
Apresentação de Tog Chöd por parte dos alunos de Ana Taboada ao Mestre Tulku Lobsang

Esta apresentação de Tog Chöd teve lugar em Guimarães no dia 20 Maio de 2012. Os "dragões amarelos", como chamou Tulku Lobsang, foram brilhantes. Eu sou a de calças vermelhas e quem esteve a guiar as "operações". Tulku Lobsang ficou MUITO bem impressionado! Foi um momento lindo para recordar... Parabéns a todos! Sou uma professora babada... :-)

6. How to knit false English rib on circular needle

How to knit false English rib on circular needle

In this DROPS video we show a method where we work false English rib in the round on circular needle. We have already worked a few rounds so that the pattern appears better. We start the video with round 1: ROUND 1: * 1 st in garter st, 1 YO, slip 1 st as if to P *, repeat from *-* until 1 st remains, finish with 1 st in garter st. ROUND 2: * 1 st in garter st, K tog YO and slipped st from previous round *, repeat from *-* until 1 st remains, finish with 1 st in garter st. Repeat rounds 1 to 2. GARTER ST (in the round on circular needle): 1 ridge = 2 rounds. * K 1 round and P 1 round *, repeat from *-*. To see the pattern: DROPS catalog 157-20

7. 1 maj cykling Kungsbacka Cykelklubb

  • Published: 2013-05-01T18:23:16+00:00
  • Duration: 174
  • By Morten Bruhn
1 maj cykling Kungsbacka Cykelklubb

En solig tur med 20 glada cyklister som tog oss från Kungsbacka ner till Idala via Gällinge vidare till Frillesås för att sedan köra via Landa och Dotetorpsvägen hem till Kungsbacka.


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  • Duration: 320

These two interviewed video teams from all over the world. We were delighted when we were selected. I remember sitting with Paul & Karelea in Knightsbridge when they flew in from Switzerland to meet me. They explained their plans for the 12.12.12 wedding in Venice and it sounded ‘unreal’. As in not entirely believable. Then I researched Paul and Karelea online and realised that these two had a history of making things that most dream of, a reality. This was 100% happening. This was an opportunity for me to do something really special. I put my 5DMKIII in video mode and worked out how we were going to fulfill the brief. “Make the video awesome”, were Paul’s words. Karelea is an experienced, published model and Paul is a well known and established Interior Designer. Wedding guests were to include 3 billionaires, a room full of multi-millionaires and those whom they love and care for. I hope this sets the scene for the pressure we were under. 
We landed in Venice a day early and met up with our talented friend Adrian Wood who they had chosen care for the photography. Our gear filled the entire apartment as it was all checked by myself, Toby and Marta. We then spent the day walking through the written itinerary, but on location. This was going to be a little scary. The reception was to be lit with hundreds of candles and we weren’t to have lights on our cameras. No problem for us as we used only the best EF primes and zooms on our DSLRs. The Canon 5DMKIII proved to be extremely useful, allowing me to push ISO’s to 10,000. On the steadicam, with no follow focus, depth of field becomes very important. Smaller apertures become very useful. Increasing the ISO on this baby was a life saver. If light was bad in part of the room, we just sent the MKIII in. We arrived in Venice with a full compliment of gear. Canon 5D MK III and MK IIs. An arsenal of zooms and primes. 135 F2, 85 F1.2, 50 F1.2, 14mm 2.8, 24 1.4, 35 1.4, 20-70 2.8, 70 - 200 2.8IS. We used sliders and a Steadicam Pilot. The logistics of the day were crazy. Travel was by boat and there were 3 locations. I literally had to run across Venice to set up a Steadicam for the reception. To cut a long story short, I think we did good. I had a vision in my head for this video but I struggled to articulate it to the team. This short film took me ages to put together because I knew how I wanted it to feel and I wouldn’t stop until I got there. As this was a VIVIDA special, I finished by grading the video in Davinci Resolve. I had reservations about using this alongside FCPX, but shouldn’t have. This software is absolutely incredible. I was using only the basic functions and still managed to create the feeling I wanted, to support the story. I have only scratched the surface with this software. Imagine this software with 4k footage! hmmm I have to finish off by thanking Adrian Wood for being such a great tog to work alongside. Seriously, it’s tough not doing the photography and the video. On this occasion it worked like a dream as Adrian got a whiff of what were were in the middle of creating and provided us the space we needed. Thank you to Paul and Karelea for allowing us to be part of this amazing experience and for the friendship that has followed. I hope you enjoy this VIVIDA special. Simeon Quarrie

9. Katharina Peppa

Katharina Peppa

Katharina Peppa af Piræus, bygget i 1893 af jern (og svejst sammen!) 1058 NRT og ca 70 meter langm Den var bygget som passagerskib, men senere ombygget til fragtskib. Sejlede i ballast fra Gdynia til Oran, Sydafrika og sank efter kollission med hollansk damper Pluto d.7.2.1938. Hollænderen holdt sig flydende men blev sat på grund ved Mukran da den tog vand ind. Vraget ligger idag på 20 meter vand, ca 18,5 mil fra Bornholm og rager godt 7,5 meter op på det højeste. Vraget er faldet meget sammen men der er stadig mange flotte detaljer at se. Bla stævnen, agterenden med den store skrue og det store ror og ikke mindst de to enorme kedler.

10. Digitala Världen: Brustna hjärtan och stor konst.

Digitala Världen: Brustna hjärtan och stor konst.

De möttes 1968. Han var 18 och hon 20. Det blev en explosiv förälskelse som har kommit att följa dem genom hela deras liv. Idag är Lindsey Buckingham 66 och Stevie Nicks 68. Fortfarande står de nära varandra fast deras liv tillslut tog olika vägar. Vänner? Knappast. Fiender? Aldrig. Men en otrolig story… utan tvekan. Originalklippet hittar du här:



det tog mig kun 1 time og 20 minutter at få footage til... manglede dig B!!! til at kunne filme linjer, tænk at få sat dem sammen!!! men jeg vil råde dig til at tage dine briller på så du kan holde øje med hvad der ligesom sker i denne video!!! Det var tilgengæld virkeligt hårdt at trække vejret, man må jo lide, for at nyde!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO: MIGHTY PIGS from the Other Place Then HELL but simular to HELL... HELL HELL Helle For Helle Hell HELL

12. Brett Harkness Photography - clips from " Real Wedding " Training DVD

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  • Duration: 244
  • By Brett Harkness
Brett Harkness Photography - clips from

Our new DVD " Real Wedding" has been selling like hot cakes and we are running out very quickly. A few people have asked to see a little of what is on it, so here are a few snippets from the disk. The DVD is over 70 mins long with a further 60 min voice over, " Directors voice over" covering more aspects of our wedding business. I also talk about my top 20 wedding shots from the last 18 months and you also get to see the finished wedding album from the shoot. We have had some fantastic feedback already. If you haven't bought one yet call the studio on 01706 340792 or buy through our blog at the link below. http://www.brettharknessphotography.c... DVD rrp is £79.99 +p&p Read what people are saying about it: Monday, December 13, 2010 Got our yesterday Brett, Just after returning from the darkest wedding I have ever shot. Despite being a bit sleepy to say the least we stayed up till 2am to watch the DVD..... super job you have done with it. I would say the best training dvd I have ever seen.... Put us down for a copy of the next one you do. Every wedding tog needs a copy of this!!! So nice to see some real quality post production as well.... congratulations to you both. Monday, December 27, 2010 The best investment anyone could make in inspiration and training.simply excellent, well done Brett and Kristy. you have produced a top class DVD Friday, December 10, 2010 The DVD is packed with so much useful info! It was very insightful to see your workflow and know the thinking behind each shot. It's given me food for thought and helped me a great deal. Thank you both! Sunday, December 12, 2010 Brett you never fail to inspire! Watched it from start to finish the minute it came through the door. Awesome work, great tips on the directors cut and just really well put together. Anyone looking to shoot weddings "with style" should get this DVD.

13. Indpakning af S-tog

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  • Duration: 60
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Indpakning af S-tog

Vangsgaard har igennem de sidste 20 år haft et tæt samarbejde med DSB, hvor vi råder, vejleder og vedligeholder tog og linjekort på stationerne. Vidste du at den røde farve på S-toge er folie? Folien er specielindfarvet i DSB-rød og med graffiti laminat, der gør det nemt, at vaske graffiti af togene. DSB S-togene er ofte dekoreret med forskellige kampagne, både inde og uden på toget men også stationerne bliver udsmykket med dekorationer. Disse printes og monteres af vores certificerede montører. Det kræver en speciel tilladelse og certificering at begå dig på BaneDanmarks område, denne tilladelse har de fleste at vores montører, så vi hurtigt kan rykke ud og udføre opgaver for DSB. Herudover leveres der løbende mange former for piktogram og henvisnings skilte, til de mange togsæt. Vangsgaard producerer og monterer også diverse skilte med tog tider, linjekort og oversigtskort på samtlige S-togs-stationer - fra produktion til alle skilte er sat op på stationerne går der ca. 3 uger. Denne opgave projektstyres fra start til slut, en gange om året, når der sker ændringer i køreplanerne.

14. PARK(ing) Day Kotor

PARK(ing) Day Kotor

PARK(ing) Day - Kotor, Montenegro Prvi put u Crnoj Gori Parking “Riva” Kotor 20. septembar 2013. PARK(ing) dan je događaj koji se održava jednom godišnje širom svijeta. Tog dana, građani/ke, umjetnici, NVO aktivisti/nje i svi zainteresovani pretvaraju parkinge u privremene javne prostore. Parking na kotorskoj Rivi ustupljen je od strane Javnog komunalnog preduzeca Kotor. Aktivnost “Parking dan u Crnoj Gori” se realizuje kroz projekat “Eclectis - European Citizens’ Laboratory for Empowerment CiTIes Shared” koji u Crnoj Gori realizuje NVO Expeditio iz Kotora. Projekat je kofinansiran od strane Evropske unije kroz program “Culture Programme 2007-2013”. Aktivnost je dodatno finansirana kroz projekat “Promocija principa održivog razvoja u javnim prostorima Boke Kotorske” od strane Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Kamera, montaža i režija Dušan Vuleković Produkcija EXPEDITIO Kotor 2013

15. Otvorena izložba „Čitaj dizajn!“ Dejana Dragosavca Rute

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  • Duration: 249
  • By Drugo more
Otvorena izložba „Čitaj dizajn!“ Dejana Dragosavca Rute

U galerijskom prostoru Filodrammatice (Korzo 28/1), 6. listopada u 20 sati otvorena je izložba Dejana Dragosavca Rute "Čitaj dizajn! Magazini i časopisi 90-ih i 2000-ih", okupljajući produkciju tog renomiranog dizajnera srednje generacije u području časopisa i magazina, bitnog dijela njegovog dosadašnjeg dizajnerskog opusa tijekom gotovo puna dva desetljeća. Otvorenju izložbe prethodio je okrugli stol na temu časopisa za kulturu u Hrvatskoj, a gosti su bili Marko Kostanić (Bilten, Frakcija), Dejan Kršić (Arkzin) i Milan Zagorac (Rival). Izložbu je moguće posjetiti do 27. listopada. Ulaz je slobodan. Više na ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Organizator: Drugo more Program su podržali: Zaklada “Kultura nova”, Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske, Grad Rijeka – Odjel za kulturu Program je realiziran u okviru programa Galerija DM. Prostorima Palacha, Filodrammatice i Marganova upravlja Savez udruga Molekula.


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  • Duration: 159
  • By Muhamed Behlo

89. Al-Fagr - Zora Mekka - 30 ajeta Bismillahi rrahmani rrahim U ime Allaha, Milostivog, Samilosnog! 1. Tako mi zore, 2. i deset noći,* 3. i parnih i neparnih, 4. i noći kada nestaje - 5. zar to pametnom zakletva nije...? 6. Zar ne znaš šta je Gospodar tvoj sa Adom uradio, 7. sa stanovnicima Irema, punog palata na stupovima, 8. kojima ravna ni u jednoj zemlji nije bilo; 9. i Semudom, koji je stijene u dolini klesao, 10. i faraonom, koji je šatore imao - 11. koji su na Zemlji zulum provodili 12. i poroke na njoj umnožili, 13. pa je Gospodar tvoj - bič patnje na njih spustio, 14. jer, Gospodar tvoj je, zaista, u zasjedi. 15. Čovjek, kada Gospodar njegov hoće da ga iskuša pa mu počast ukaže i blagodatima ga obaspe, rekne: "Gospodar moj je prema meni plemenito postupio!" 16. A kad mu, da bi ga iskušao, opskrbu njegovu oskudnom učini, onda rekne: "Gospodar moj me je napustio!" 17. A nije tako! Vi pažnju siročetu ne ukazujete, 18. i da se puki siromah nahrani - jedan drugog ne nagovarate, 19. a nasljedstvo pohlepno jedete* 20. i bogatstvo pretjerano volite. 21. A ne valja to! Kada se Zemlja u komadiće zdrobi 22. i kad dođe naređenje Gospodara tvoga, a meleki budu sve red do reda, 23. i kad se tog Dana primakne Džehennem; tada će se čovjek sjetiti - a na što mu je sjećanje?! - 24. i reći: "Kamo sreće da sam se za ovaj život pripremio!" 25. Tog Dana niko neće kao On mučiti, 26. i niko neće kao On u okove okivati! 27. A ti, o dušo smirena, 28. vrati se Gospodaru svome zadovoljna, a i On tobom zadovoljan, 29. pa uđi među robove Moje, 30. i uđi u Džennet Moj! NAPOMENA: Sve slovne i druge tehnicke grjeske, ako postoje u sklopu ajeta i sura, nastale su uslijed nase obrade. Molim Allaha Uzvišenog da nam to ne upise u losa djela ! HVALA ALLAHU MILOSTIVOM NA SVEMU!

17. MOLA DUDLE - "Den Skal Have Sol" [ musikvideo af LØBO ]


DEN SKAL HAVE SOL [ - dansk undertekster, 2013 ] ( Nanu Figueiredo / Miguel Cabral ) fra: "O Futuro Só Se Diz Em Particular, 2003 § · Introduction in ENGLISH: · Introduktion på DANSK: · Introdução em PORTUGUÊS: § [ dk ] · Mens verden oplevede fremgang i løbet af 1920, Nordeuropa oplevede en hård depression . I begyndelsen af 30'erne, de skandinaviske lande var stadig blandt de fattigste i Europa. På landet havde kvinderne i gennemsnit mere end 10 børn , lav levealder, høj arbejdsløshed og høj antal barnemord var bekymrende. Udviklingen og formidlingen af seksualoplysning, nudistbevægelsen samt tidlige forsøge på at legalisere abort, skabte grundlaget for en mentalitetsrevolution , der sat disse nationer på et banebrydende spor i den vestlige civilisation . § · Tilbage i 2002, og under skabelsen af sit nyeste album, den portugisisk komponist Nanu spurgte mig i København, om der ikke var skette noget af historiske interesse i Danmark eller Sverige i 20'erne eller 30'erne ... Jeg fortalte ham om Nudistbevægelsen, og om en mentalitetsrevolution der begyndte at tager sine første skridt i forskellige sektorer af disse nordiske samfund, som senere endte med at bane vejen til nogle vigtige reformer, der førte til oprindelsen af velfærdsstaten i disse to lande - som vi kender den idag. Vi begyndte at arbejde på temaet straks ... Sangens teksten , insisterede Nanu med mig, skulle synges på dansk - hvis fonetik er unik, selv i sammeligning med de andre skandinaviske sprog. Og jeg skulle synge den også!... På trods af at jeg var lige blevet flydende på dansk i 2002 og følte mig usikker, jeg tog udfordringen til mig alligevel, da denne samfundsvision og dens hovedbudskab "VI SÆTTER MENNESKERNES LYKKE SOM MÅL" fortjente at jeg gjorde mit bedste!... Dette budskab er idag blevet mere nødvendig og aktuel end nogensinde! Og således blev denne sanghyldest til - om hovedpersonerne i denne og andre innovative bevægelser & handlinger som var af banebrydende betydning for Danmark, skandinavien og verden ( bl.a. den danske Jonathan Høeg Leunbach, den svenske Hinke Bergren, normanden Elisa Ottesen - Jensen). § CREDITS: · video-initiativ, koncept, instruktion, klipning, post-produktion af LØBO · kamera, FRANCISCO SUSPIRO · guitarer, samplers, keyboards, programmering, radio, gramofon, percussioner og stemme, NANU / bas, MIGUEL LEIRIA PEREIRA / programmering, samplers, trommer, MIGUEL CABRAL / stemme & teksten, LØBO / produktion, NANU / MÁRIO BARREIROS; · Arkivbilleder af: "Hon Dansede En Sommer", Arne Matteson / "Kondomkontrol", RFSU / "Hur Blev Jag Till" -- tv-program / "Elisa Ottesen-Jensen", Ottar - tv-program / "Almqvistarnas" sommerllagar på Ingarö -- undervisningsfilm om Nudistbevægelsen.



SIGGE SKOG En minnenas vandring längs Norrmälarstrand med Tangofeeling. Olles ungdomsvän Sigge får i denna visa stå som synonym för ”mina egna polare” från tonåren, Dan Ekborg, Thomas Carlson, och Bruno Ehrs. Tillagd Intro ”Milonga del Angel” av Astor Piazzolla. Jag tog mig friheten att låna denna intro eftersom jag tyckte att denna sång av Olle hade samma passion och sentimentalitet som Piazzollas musik. Dessutom utspelar sig hela historien i en hamn med skutor. Det låter som Argentinsk Tango för mig. Det är den bild jag ser då jag lyssnar till mina minnen. Frågan är kan man minnas vad man har känt, när bara bilder finns kvar? Det är den frågan Olle ställer. Thomas Dellert Thomas Dellert i en av sina högts personliga tolkningar av Olle Adolphsons musik och poesi.
 Från Albumet MITT EGET LAND 
Musik arrangemang Thomas Dellert & Bengt Lindkvist
 Inspelat analogt Live in OAL Studion i Sollentuna 
Sweden 2008
 Detta är bara en RÅMIX av dom 20 inspelade sångerna och inte det färdiga slutresultatet.
 Jag söker ännu en sponsor för att avsluta detta Music Project i strävan att för en ny generation i Sverige presentera geniet Olle Adolphson på ett nytt och högst personligt sätt. 
Bidrag och råd mottages tacksamt. Contact: [email protected] Thomas Dellert

19. Prison Bukavu / DR Congo

Prison Bukavu / DR Congo

Strašno, koliko Afrika može biti surova i milosrdna u istom trenutku! I dok je na sjeveru pokrajine, u ratu, pobjeđivao diktator, na jugu se punio zatvor vojnicima poraženog generala! Ispred zatvora iskrcali su te mladiće iz kamiona i nagurali ih u medicinski stacionar! Onda su im obukli civilnu odjeću jer vrlo brzo će na istom mjestu i u isto vrijeme dijeliti ćelije sa svojim dojučerašnjim neprijateljima! Ubojice, lopovi, vojska, svi na istom mjestu! U sobi do, za drvenim stolom sjedili su sudac i tužitelj, koliko sam primjetio branitelja tog dana nije bilo! Korišten je opći model za riješavanje problema, znan kao; Narodni sud! Dok su ih odvodili jednog po jednog u tu bezimenu sobu, preostali su se skupili i počeli pjevati! Samo trenutak prije bili su potišteni i ustravljeni ali pjesma im je na trenutak donijela nadu! Pjevali su; mali smo Oče i doći ćemo pred tebe, i znamo da nas ti čekaš, jer ti nas voliš, i pomoć ćeš nam, čuvaj nas Oče, čuvaj nas sad, … U sobi do tišina; kazne 10, 12, 20 godina, … iako ih je dijelo samo zid do tamo ova pjesma nije dopirala. Bila je to samo jedna pjesma!

20. How to make the flower ampel in DROPS Extra 0-1141

How to make the flower ampel in DROPS Extra 0-1141

In this DROPS video we show how we can easily create a flower ampel. We have used 3 different colors in Cotton Light (lime no 29, khaki no 12 and brown no 22). Make 5 ties as follows: Cut 1 thread of each color à 600 cm, fold then double and twine the threads together until they resist, fold the tie double so that it twines again. The ties measurement approx 105 cm (in the video we make a much shorter tie). Make a new tie where the thread (1 of each color) is 1,200 cm. Tie a knot with all 6 ties at one at the end, so that it becomes a tassel about 12 cm. Tie then 2 and 2 ties together, follow the video for further instructions. Size / shape of flower ampel you use, determines the distance the nodes must have. About 20 cm from the end begin to use the long tie to wrap around the other 5 ties. Wrap around until it is about 2,5 cm again. Fold the ties that are spun together double, continue to wrap around all 11 , fasten the long tie into all ties (2 and 2 threads tog). This flower ampel is made in DROPS Cotton Light, we use the same yarn in the video. This video has NO SOUND - you must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You'll find the pattern by clicking here: You can find this video in many more languages, as well as search within all DROPS knitting and crochet videos here: Find thousands of free knitting and crochet patterns here: