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1. Twista Ft. Pharrell - Lavish

  • Published: 2011-12-12T23:27:34+00:00
  • Duration: 223
  • By MusizLuv
Twista Ft. Pharrell - Lavish

No Copyright Intended Twista Ft. Pharrell - Lavish [Chorus: Twista + (Pharrell)] You, you, you want the lavish crib and fancy cars You want the face, on that Rolex shinin like the stars Don't worry mayne, you could get it mayne (If you look in the sky and you don't see your dream) (Man don't feel defeated, cause trust me you can build it) [Twista] Now hear the words that I flow when I spit I know shorties that be havin dreams of goin legit But the hustle quicker so they cop a fo' on the split Now they got enough money where they can go get a brick It's on - ain't nuttin gon' stop us now Gotta look at 24's while they watch us now Spinners rollin up the block while they pump out noise But they always get into it with the jump out boys And why? Take a look at all the people that got dubs You ain't legitimate, you out here servin them rocks up I know you want the radio and screens to pop up But we gotta get the money and try not to get locked up Know the difference between real and fake Different work is just like different real estate Open your mind, you got more than the skill to take Cause I know [Chorus] [Pharrell] Uh, one time for my niggaz on the corner With the burners on and with the fresh yams in they tube socks Uh, two times for my niggaz with they hands in the air Sayin a prayer cause the game left their dude shot Yes - I know that puzzle Niggaz at each other thinkin they will bust you The bang is the same even if it's muffled But the moment so loud when a dead man hug you He's cold in your arms, but you ain't gon' be foldin your arms You gon' be lowered in your arms Cryin to open the jar, and to add injury to insult You're smokin your life away Look at me, big car big house big jewels All that came out my backpack You ain't gon' do it, it ain't gon' work, you ain't gon' prove it Even though that hurt, I just skated past that Look - everybody got dreams about ki's Chains full of ice with S after the V's Horse on the hood, a grill full with the B's Dangling your feet in San Turin-y breeze Make a virtual picture, and spin around That ain't it, well fuck it nigga we get it down Never try to grab your ankle nigga we'll kick 'em down Focus up, we gotta hit it now Bruh when your cell goes clink, that's when you forfeit All them dreams, all that divorce it You ain't even get to see new mansion and Porsche shit This dedicated to my man up in Norfolk, locked up [Chorus] Ha ha... wait [repeat 2X] My nigga open yo' mind, mind Aren't you ready to go? All of my fears inside, side Let 'em blow like 'dro [Twista] Through the wisdom of a prism I see I don't wanna go to prison I make the decision to get liver Reminiscin as I take a listen to my nigga 'Pac While I envision my "Ambitions Az a Ridah" Listen to Pharrell spit to the track Pull up in a burgundy Bentley with a bitch in the back I get to the paper like a hyper get to the crack I ain't speculatin homey I just stick to the facts, c'mon If you wanna get the money and the status and the mob Better ride when you roll with the crew Take a listen for the bub hit the bud When you hear this in the club then you know what to do Look at the vision of a mack spittin crack on the track Throw these stacks in the black Cadillac Get it like Twista and Neptunes, I got your back And know you [Chorus] Ha ha... wait [repeat 2X] My nigga open yo' mind, mind Aren't you ready to go? All of my fears inside, side Let 'em blow like 'dro